Debt consolidation bad credit -See more and Request a loan to help consolidate debt

The purpose of loan consolidation is to combine our previous liabilities into one loan. The purpose of the consolidation loan is to enable us to repay liabilities previously incurred on time by reducing the monthly loan installment due to the extension of the loan period.

We still have a commitment to the bank


Our earlier commitments will not be reduced. What the bank once gave us back to use, we still have to return. However, in a situation where, for some reason, we have overestimated our financial capabilities and our budget does not allow us to repay installments of individual loans in a timely manner, the consolidation loan is the solution for us.

The monthly installment will be lower by extending the loan period and therefore repayable. If we react early enough, we will not incur additional costs such as interest in late repayment of the loan.

See more and then Request a loan to help consolidate debt

If we want to have a better chance of a loan to consolidate debt, it is worth asking for help from Dedebt company that specializes in debt consolidation. A company that helps debtors, first of all, has much more knowledge about loans and the credit market. Secondly, he knows the ins and outs of banks and knows what offer in a given bank you can count on. In addition, perhaps most importantly, he negotiates on our behalf. Unlike private individuals, such companies negotiate at a different level.

A company that helps debtors negotiate our consolidation loan with a decision-maker at the bank, not a person who can only provide us with ready-made offers available to everyone. Thanks to this, our situation is considered individually. The company negotiates individual conditions with the bank that we will not achieve alone. If our situation is even dramatic, often only with the help of specialists we will receive a consolidation loan.

How to apply for a consolidation loan personally

When we repay receivables on time, we can apply for a consolidation loan in person. However, it should be remembered that any refusal to grant a loan is also recorded in the BIK. Even three refusals can mean that we won’t get a loan. Therefore, do not mindlessly send credit applications wherever possible. In this way, we can quickly lose our chances of a consolidation loan .

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