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As the temperature drops and the trees begin to shed their colorful coats, it can sometimes be difficult to find the motivation to hit the gym. Even jogging becomes a challenge as the air becomes hostile and starts to pinch your fingers and nose. Without the right music selection, getting a good amount of exercise can seem like a chore, so here are 10 songs that are sure to inspire you with confidence and the energy you need to finish your workout this fall.

“Today” by Les Citrouilles Smashing

A band with a name like The Smashing Pumpkins is easily associated with the fall season and this song only reinforces that idea. “Today” is an upbeat song that switches between an intense, loud riff and a softer selection pattern when the verse begins. With lyrics such as “Today is the happiest day I have ever known”, this song epitomizes the feeling of waking up with a smile on your face, ready to start your day. Your workout will be joyous while playing this song, and you won’t be able to stop the smile that creeps on your face as your body is filled with determination and optimism with every note.

Survival tactics»By Joey Bada $$ x Capital Steez

This song is a song of rebellion and arrogance, with a fast-paced rhyme scheme and witty lyrics that require a few plays to catch. Joey Bada $$ wrote this song drawing heavily on rapper MF DOOM, who is also known for his lyrical rap and quick-witted rhyming style. From the album of Bada $$ titled 1999, this song gives a feeling of empowerment and confidence, perfect for high intensity training like boxing or wind sprints. The chaotic nature of this song will surely help you weather the dropping temperatures to hit the gym as winter approaches.

Zombie»By cranberries

Another band named after the fall season is The Cranberries, who released their hit song “Zombie” in 1994. This song is about the struggles of the Irish Revolutionary War and the effect it had. had on the Irish people, in particular two Irish citizens. who were murdered in the Warrington attacks, a year before the release of “Zombie”. The pain of a nation fed up with violence can be felt through the almost angry strumming riff of this song, as the lead singer’s intense voice gives listeners goosebumps as you push your body. to its limits.

Released in 1995, this song by rap duo Mobb Deep embodies the danger one would feel living the gangster lifestyle in Queensbridge, NY, where the band is from. The baseline alone is enough to accompany you throughout your workout and the warm-blooded lyrics make the listener untouchable. Turn on this song, take off your hood and put your hands in your pockets as you brave the cold. By the time you hit the gym, this song will put you in the mood to erase any workout routine you’ve decided to finish.

Shinedown is an American rock band from Jacksonville, Florida, known for their impressively powerful vocals. This song is no exception and fills the listener with a significant amount of adrenaline, exuding a sense of domination. This kind of song is perfect for clenching your teeth and lifting weights, with a killer guitar solo around the middle that will most definitely get you to do one more rehearsal. As semester ends, everyone starts to feel the madness, and this song embodies that feeling of chaos, which makes it perfect for this fall season.

Apple treeBy Wolfmother

“Apple Tree” is the 5th track from Wolfmother’s self-titled debut album. Wolfmother is an Australian rock band, which makes them sound different from what we are used to. This is especially evident in the exaggerated and whiny manner in which the lyrics are sung. This stop and go melody is full of punchy guitar lines, making it impossible not to jump and bang your head. No matter what practice you have in front of you, the sporadic nature of this song will certainly give you plenty of energy to knock it out.

Potato saladBy Tyler the Creator x A $ AP Rocky

This groove does not follow the pattern of intensity that is evident in the majority of the song on this playlist. Written by good friends Tyler the Creator and A $ AP Rocky, the energy in this song can best be described as rather goofy, for lack of a better term. Along with a melodic beat, this song features humorous lyrics that are pronounced in such a way that it’s hard not to smile. This song will easily prevent you from seeing your own breath in the crisp, crisp air while you take a morning jog, although you can end up initiating dance moves every two steps by accident.

“Bleed it Out” is the 4th track from Lincoln Park’s 3rd studio album. With punchy lyrics, “I bleed it, dig deeper just to throw it,” to a sounding guitar riff, this song will have you ready to sweat it instead. While the chorus is delivered in an almost screamo tone, the verse is made up of a hip hop like rap streak giving this song a unique sound. With a constant snare beat in the background, this song is the perfect tempo to match the beat of the drum with the pounding of your feet on the sidewalk as you munch on fallen dead leaves.

As we’ve officially hit the sweater time, the bittersweet feeling of this song is perfect for the cold fall season. With a constant upbeat tempo, this song builds on the catchy chorus forcefully sung by singer Jesse Rutherford. While the song is really about grabbing those closest to you, in this case romantic interest, and braving the cold world together, we can take it literally as we try to stay warm on the way to the room. gym and belt. lyrics like “Because it’s too cold for you here”.

Live wire»By Mötley Crüe

Mötley Crüe was a most prevalent American heavy metal band in the ’80s and is widely known for their crazy backstage antics and for being the child star of many similar bands to its upcoming genre. “Live Wire” was the band’s debut single and is a loud, catchy track, carried by a fast and gripping guitar riff that is sure to make you want to break your head. No matter what your workout, this song will provide you with the energy you need, even if the sun starts to set earlier and we wind our clocks.


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