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Words by Jimmy glinster

After scooping up a few online reviews about reviewing a Black Metal album with my lack of knowledge or respect for the genre, what better way to progress than by throwing myself straight into a European Death Metal review? . So, let’s go and see how it goes!

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The album opens with an atmospheric background noise that creates suspense and a rather simplistic three-note guitar melody before falling into intense chords of doom. Enter guttural growls of despair after a short, spooky whisper. For a death metal track, the opening track Shadow Breakis quite melodic. Is it that oxymoron of a “Melodic Death Metal” genre that I always hear about?

Under fire opens with a classic machine gun style Death metal riff before transforming into a kind of hardcore chug riff. I’m so confused right now, I thought it was Death Metal?

As the vocals begin, I realize that I missed something that is probably worth mentioning, but not worrying. Hiraes are lead by a female singer, not what you would say on first listen, but simply noticeable due to the melodic complexities and wide range that are typically not displayed by male death metal singers. This track takes on a melodic feel again and even blesses us with a guitar solo in the middle of the song. Death Metal, still not sure about that?

And on that note, Grain of sand embarks on a classic thrash riff with an opening guitar solo and matching verse. The song then returns a bit to that melodic Death Metal feel before bouncing back into a second groove metal style verse, then back into a bit of death grind and a weird little bridge section. These guys / girls are all over the place which isn’t a bad thing because this song is pretty tough!

We’re almost halfway through this album now and the next track 1000 lights brings yet another touch of genre with a synth intro that screams symphonic metal. This one is a bit slow, with its long voice, slow progressive guitars and simple but effective heavy rhythm section.

eyes on black, the group’s third single, wait what? I didn’t even know Death Metal bands had singles, let alone three of them. Anyway, this track takes us straight back to my favorite little oxymoron, “Melodic Death Metal”. I have to admit they do it pretty well, although I still don’t fully understand it. Not a bad track, neither is the next track Eclipse, but not a single one I think you’ll be hearing on Spotify’s Top Hits playlist soon.

At this point, I find out that I can actually have a little bit of love for all that melodic Death Metal stuff, but maybe that’s just because this band seems to do it pretty well adding other touches. subgenres here and there to prick up your ears. Speaking of next track and second single Solitaryopens with another classic thrash metal style riff before being torn apart by brutally dark throaty death metal growls. Did I mention that this is a singer? Yeah, I did, so let’s not dwell on that and take away the fact that they’re a good band, just because they’re good fucking bands!

For a very brief moment at the start of Foreignerswe hear clear melodic voices, and I think I’m about to get some Evanescence action. Hang in there, put it back in your booty, fat guy or something like that screams brutally at me, well probably not those exact words, but you see where I’m going. This one’s another slow burner and I guess it’s also close to what you would call a “ballad” in Death Metal with its melodic guitar sections and slowed down rhythm.

To not have enough time, yes we are, and the title of the final track reminds us of that. Insert a classic Death Metal intro, add a synth, and growl like a grown man seems to work for this one like a closer album. I don’t know what it is, but the overall sound of this song is like the closest album. Nothing special about it, just classic death metal vibes … with a touch of melody, and Amy lee on a piano outro but probably not Amy Lee actually.

I’m not sure if it’s the improvement in production these days, or a greater emphasis on writing signs, but this album actually makes me want to experience a little more “melodic death metal”. , whatever.


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