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Sixx: AM founder Nikki Sixx will have a lot to promote this fall, as his new memoir, “The First 21: How I Became Nikki Sixx”, and a collection of Sixx: AM hits are expected to arrive in the next few months. .

Sixx: AM Shots will be released by Better Noise Music on October 22, featuring some of the band’s greatest songs as well as fan favorite tracks. The group also strengthens the ensemble with six unreleased songs, making it the band’s first album with new music since the release of two full albums in 2016.

To help launch the promotion of Shots together, the band have just released a new lyric video for the “Rock Mix” of their song “Skin”. The original version of the track first appeared on the band’s website. It will hurt album. Other bonus tracks include a radio mix of “Talk to Me”, a piano voice of “Life Is Beautiful” and the new songs “The First 21”, “Penetrate” and “Waiting All My Life”.

The full tracklist and artwork can be found at the bottom of the article, where you can also check out the “Skin (Rock Mix)” lyrics video. Pre-orders for the album are in progress here, while fans can simply grab the “Skin (Rock Mix)” at this location.

“The First 21” is also part of the title of the new memoir by Nikki Sixx which should arrive on October 19 via Hachette Books. In the book, Sixx reflects on his youth and how Frank Feranna eventually became Nikki Sixx. While part of the musician’s story has been told through Motley Crue’s book Dirtiness, Nikki offers a deeper reflection on her early years. And, “The First 21” which appears on the Shots album provides musical accompaniment to what fans will read in the book. Preorders for “The First 21: How I Became Nikki Sixx” are underway here.

Nikki Sixx, Cover of the book “The First 21: How I Became Nikki Sixx”

In other activities related to Sixx: AM, the group celebrates its entire catalog on Spotify with the new “Sixx: AM 101 Playlist”. You can broadcast this here. In addition, the group has personally organized two collections of exclusive merchandise for fans to coincide with the Shots arrival of albums. Look more closely here and here.

Sixx: AM, “Skin (Mixture of rock)”

Sixx: AM, Shots Illustration + list of tracks

Life is good 3:35
It will hurt 3:56
The Lies of Beautiful People 3:58
Pray for me 4:13
Get up 3:53
Stars 3:50
Maybe it’s time 4:21
Skin 3:25
Belly of the Beast 3:47
Are you with me now 4:02
Girl with Golden Eyes 4:20
Accidents can happen 4:07
I have to do it right 3:12
We won’t go quietly 4:20

The first 21 – 3:20
Talk to me – Radio Mix 3:39
Penetrate 4:38
Wait all my life 3:17
Skin – Rock Mix 3:50
Life is good – vocal piano 3:06

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