Amit and Samay shed new light on the music industry



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Posted: Wednesday December 8th, 2021 05:12 PM [IST]

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Where people often tend to bow to every algorithm felt by themselves, one might be amazed to come across the duo of Amit and Samay.

Amit and Samay shed new light on the music industry

One can find Amit and Samay’s latest duo project, a song called Miss Karda, which made it to the BBC UK’s Top 10 list and rocked the stage with the glamorous essentials. It was sung by Amit and written by Samay, adjusting the last piece like that. The song is loved and appreciated by people all over the world with particular fascinations of nightlife in clubs and other refreshment presentations.

Where Amit was born and raised in London, Samay was born and raised in New Delhi. The fate of making music united the two events setting the stage on fire. Where Amit holds a degree in Biomedical Sciences, Samay decided to pursue music with full attention and motivation, at the same time running his own digital marketing company called Yaari Digital.

Passionate about the idea of ​​music, Samay got involved in his universe from the age of 4. He began to learn and practice his hands in various musical instruments, and alternately began to write songs.

To speak of Amit, being born and raised in a foreign land, he is always attached to his roots. Amit returns to India to savor his passion for music.

With life as mentors, Amit sees himself as both the active and external part of the industry, while Samay, who has seen his fair share of wins and losses. But none of them gave up. And that is why we must applaud.

With the next success counting as Laut Aaja for Samay and Amit’s commendable productions as Challa, they have outdone themselves. Working together in Miss Karda, Amit and Samay are also said to have collaborated on their next song.

With every instinct weighing the preface, the industry has an illicit duo on display. Amit and Samay, giving a new style to the musical arena.

Article first published: Wednesday December 8th, 2021, 5:12 PM [IST]



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