Andre Williams’ business empire continues to expand in 2021



To leave the street is the wish of all. Not everyone can take it. This is why Almighty God created sidewalks. There are several things to be said in the music business. He’s mentally grueling, corrupt, heartbreaking, unstable, most desired, financially haphazard, royal, and iconic. Bird Man, Jimmy Iovine, David Geffen, Clive Davis and many other players in the music business have run the biggest record companies.

Speaking of leadership, each tycoon exemplified fearlessness, pioneering spirit, Midas Touch, unwavering faith in their vision, calculated genius, and natural leadership. Many receive a lifelong call. But only the few selected stories together.

The music business defines the most common faults of an individual, willingly tries to distort their inner will, and force them to travel alone. Not everyone can travel in the darkness to see their destiny in life.

Andre Williams

An exceptional leader in the music industry, Andre Williams is one of the record label owners to watch. His rapid rise to success is no accident. He can blend with any artist in search of success and musical supremacy. Thanks to his innate organic charisma, his vision of a bald eagle, his lion’s heart, his ant discipline and his gray matter like an elephant.

Paragon management group

During the pandemic period in 2020, Andre Williams launched the Paragon management group. It is a digital branding, full-service artist development, music management and distribution agency.

Paragon Music Management’s genre of concentration is R&B, Hip-Hop and Pop. The agency recognizes stars, not on physical talent but on the basis of supreme intangibles. According to Andre Williams, a person’s will is of great value compared to his abilities.

Nurturing talent is the goal of Paragon Management, which offers a wide range of services for entrepreneurial artists who want to build a brand but not a name. Williams sets up a new journey in music with the management company. In 2021, Paragon Management Group signed a musical monetization partnership with RADIO-BUTTONS.



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