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Earlier this year, the British post-metal group Bossk released their very good new album Migration on Deathwish Inc, which features guest voices from Johannes Persson of Cult of Luna and Josh McKeown of Palm Reader. At the end of the year, we asked Bossk bassist Tom Begley what his favorite 2021 albums were, and he made us a unique list that avoids the usual year-end season suspects, including a few. bands Bossk has performed with this year (and also including the Bossk album and a single from an upcoming album), and he also commented on each pick. You are bound to discover something new in this list, especially if you like heavy / atmospheric music, and you can read what it had to say …

Dvne – Etemen Aenka
I was sort of familiar with their old material, but got to hear it for quite a while before it was fully released. Fantastic growth since the last record. So happy to have them on our tour in December. Great to see them get the recognition they deserve.

Green lung – Black harvest
While there are tons of bands doing this kind of style right now, something attracts me about Green Lung. They just seem to make things a little more interesting, from the lyrics and radical concepts to their songs. Big fan of the last album, he stands out very well from the crowd.

Foreigner – Sunset / Unconditional
It’s a bit more of an EP than an album I think, but I loved it straight away. I wasn’t really familiar until we asked them to open our show in Birmingham in December. A very cool and unique sound about it, which kind of reminds me of a darker depressed This Will Destroy You at times. But also has some great optimistic moments.

Bossk – Migration
I don’t know if it’s against the rules to submit your own band’s album for one of them. But regardless, the journey in 2021 to release this album to the world after it has been completed for so long has been a huge accomplishment. I think it’s our most daring and weirdest music yet. But it still contains the sound we tried to make our own. I want the “Lira” riff in the running for the 2021 riff if there’s a poll for it.

Sleep Token – This place will become your tomb
A great band that seems to come straight out with their own original sound right out the door. I couldn’t really get into some of the older songs, until I saw them live and then it all kind of clicked. This new record sounds so good, with almost something for everyone on it. Very daring and interesting music.

Maybe she will – No feeling is final
As of typing this it was not officially released, but I had heard a copy of it beforehand. I’ve always really liked this band, and this album sees them sort of being a little more cinematic and almost has soundtrack vibes in places. A very cool progression from their last studio album, and one of the UK’s best upcoming bands.

Urn – Serpent and Spirit
I wasn’t really sure what I was going to get when I first listened to this. The work of art attracted me and I had seen a few friends recommending it. The first track confused me at first, the intro builds and builds and then the song changes completely, which I was not expecting. The UK has always produced good bands of this kind of modern thrash style, but I think Urne really adds their own point of view to it. Very interesting group and I can’t wait to hear what they will do next.

40 Watt Sun – “The spaces in between”
At the time of this writing there was only one song [from upcoming album Perfect Light]. But I’ve wanted new music from them for so long that it must have done my part. The first single is spectacular, and I can’t wait to hear the full album.

Blanket – Modern Escape
A group that almost surpassed me until this album. and it is very diverse and varied. Sometimes sounding like three different bands throughout the album. I really like the song with the singer from Loathe. An album that sounds good, it took me a few listenings to get along fully with me. But I think it’s a great album, and great to see a British band do something different.

The devil sold his soul – Loss
We’ve been friends with these guys since probably 2006/2007, and they’re probably one of the few bands from that era to release music or be an active band. The latest releases haven’t really grabbed me, but this one seems to be really booming. Great to see them again and make some music.

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