Bruce Dickinson hopes for ‘tea break’ in long Iron Maiden song



Bruce Dickinson has said he looks forward to taking a “tea break” from performances of Iron Maiden’s new song “The Parchment,” if that is part of their live shows.

No details have been revealed regarding tour dates in association with the band’s latest album. Senjutsu, but Dickinson mentioned the track during a discussion of why Iron Maiden became associated with writing extended compositions. Only three of the 10 songs on the new LP are less than seven minutes long, while three are longer than 10 minutes.

Dickinson told SiriusXM that he and Iron Maiden bassist Steve Harris were “partially responsible” for the epic works.

“Steve is a huge prog fan, just like me,” Dickinson said. “Steve, for example, is a huge fan of Jethro Tull. I am also a huge fan of Jethro Tull. He loves A game of passion and Think like a brick. I am more Scuba diving suit and the first few tips.

Harris is also a “big fan of Genesis, the Peter Gabriel Genesis – The lamb lies down on Broadway, he likes it all, “Dickinson said.” I’m not crazy about Genesis, but I loved Peter Gabriel’s, I think it was his third solo album. And there was a band called Van der Graf Generator, which was contemporary with Genesis, and in a way, they were even a little better known than Genesis. Well, I liked them. And I borrowed songs from Peter Hammill, their singer’s vocal style.

“So we both have this prog stuff going around our heads,” Dickinson added, “with Thin Lizzy, Deep Purple, [Black] Sabbath.”

Dickinson more recently added Judas Priest to his list of influences, adding that he hadn’t given it much thought until a shared tour. “I was like, ‘Wow, they’re doing some really cool stuff!’” Dickinson recalls. “So it’s all kinds of influences resonating around us that end up making us do all these great long songs.”

None are on anymore Senjutsu than “Le Parchemin”, which points at 12:39. “It’s almost like self-hypnosis listening to this – it really is,” thought Dickinson. If the track found a place on a reworked Iron Maiden set list, he joked that it would give the opportunity to take a long mic break.

“I’ll be in the back with a glass of non-alcoholic water,” Dickinson said. “I get a five-and-a-half-minute tea break in the middle of ‘The Parchment!’ “

Listen to “The Parchment” by Iron Maiden

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