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Bullet For My Valentine will release their eponymous seventh album, Bullet For My Valentine, on October 22 via Spinefarm / Search & Destroy. The group released “Parasite”, the second single from the album. Watch the video below.

“For ‘Parasite’, we just wanted to let the song rip,” says director Fiona Garden. “The intensity and fury of the track is tearing apart, the pure performance and vitality. Along the way, in a world defined by blinding light and the phenomenal graphic work of artist Carl Addy, we see this new infinite incarnation. of the avatar that aM cups being ritually infected and dragged further into boundless oblivion. No locusts were harmed while making this video. “

The band commented: “‘Parasite’ is an absolute RAGER from start to finish !!! Easily one of the most gnarly tracks we’ve ever written – we couldn’t be more excited to finally release it.”

Bullet For My Valentine follows the success of their latest album, Gravity in 2018, which saw the catalog of metal behemoths surpass 1 billion (yes, with a B!) Streams in the United States. This accomplishment solidifies Bullet’s hard-earned status as one of the most elite groups in the hard rock scene.

In the last cycle, Bullet For My Valentine performed their biggest shows to date, including a tour of the British arenas and a huge show at Alexandra Palace in London. But this time around, the group got back to basics. Bullet For My Valentine is packed with squeaky solos and monstrous riffs that will thrill fans new and old.

“I think that’s the fiercest side of Bullet For My Valentine I’ve ever known,” says guitarist Michael “Padge” Paget. “It’s time for us to release a really edgy, heavy and aggressive record. I just can’t wait to make a face on stage!”

Matt Tuck started writing the album in September 2019 before the coronavirus pandemic brought things to a halt in early 2020. But in June 2020, Tuck and longtime producer Carl Bown, who co-produced the album 2015 group, Venom, and produced and mixed Gravity, once again picks up the pace. Together they moved to the Treehouse Studio in Chesterfield, where the rest of the album was written.

Fittingly eponymous, the band triumphed, creating an album that will cement their place in the metal pantheon.

Pre-orders for Bullet For My Valentine’s seventh studio album are now live, with an instant download of “Parasite” and the first single, “Knives”, and special bundle options, including a single snippet of the backdrop used on the group’s Venom world. tour 2015 to 2017, t-shirts, hoodies, gold and silver tapes and limited vinyls. Order here.

List of tracks:

“My reverie”
“No happiness forever”
“Impossible to escape the waves”
“The veins of the rainbow”
“To break”
“Death by a thousand cuts”

Video “Knives”:


Matt Tuck – Vocals + Rhythm guitar
Michael “Padge” Paget – Solo guitar
Jamie Mathias – Bass
Jason Bowld – Drums



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