Car crashes into venue during ashes at new concert



Two people were arrested after a vehicle crashed into the Zydeco concert hall in Birmingham, Alabama on Tuesday, September 21, as reported.

That night, rock band From Ashes to New had performed at Zydeco during a stop on their current US tour with other POD rockers and others, according to Stone feed. The scene images show the front part of a car housed in the facade of the building.

One such video was shared by From Ashes to New’s Matt Brandyberry and then re-shared by fans on social media. In it, he explains what he knew about the accident and the alleged security altercation that preceded it – it was apparently a gun.

Watch the clip near the bottom of this post.

“I was on the bus and we got a text from our guitar tech saying, ‘Someone just got run over,’” said Brandyberry.

He continues, “Apparently what happened… was this guy kicked off our show tonight, and I guess he got mad at the security guard for doing that. I guess. that they fought and from what I hear, did anyone pull out a gun – security pulled out a gun or something. And they fought and then this guy left. “

However, “what finally happened,” Brandyberry adds, “is that after he left he came back with his car and tried to run over the security guard.… This guy threw his fucking ass. car in the bar, in the club.… I guess he must have hit the security guard, but the security guard looks fine – he is bleeding, but he looks like all right. But the guy driving the car is crippled. “

The wreckage occurred shortly before 10:30 p.m. Tuesday, said. “Few details have been released,” the news site added, “but Birmingham police said via tweet that the rapid response from officers in the southern constituency led [to] the capture of two suspects before they could escape.

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