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Charlie Puth lends his voice – and songwriter talents – to a new campaign for LG Electronics, on the theme of the company’s signature slogan “Life’s Good”.

As part of this new partnership, Puth wrote and produced a “Life’s Good” theme song for LG, and helps showcase the budding musical artists, who have also been asked to give the song their own twist. LG claims to have received hundreds of submissions for the “Life’s Good Music Project”, with artists submitting an original voice or accompaniment based on Puth’s song. Puth will help select a winner, who will then receive a Free LG OLED TV, and the ability to end and perform the song with Puth.

As someone who constantly hums melodies and composes songs at home, Puth says it was a no-brainer for him to partner with LG on this project, especially since there was “a collaborative element. and a musical element “.

“During the lockdown, I was collaborating with people online, writing and writing one of my favorite songs for the next Internet project,” he says. Rolling stone. “So that made sense [to be part of this project] because when you write a song you are always caught in your own ways and you never know what someone else is going through, what they are thinking and how they perceive what they are hearing. And it can add a lot of value to what you do [to have someone else listen to it]. And that’s literally what LG and I are doing.

Puth says LG’s theme song is about “75% complete” and he can’t wait to hear what the submissions sound like. “The good thing about LG is that they told me I could do whatever I wanted, but they wanted it to be ‘dance-y’,” he explains. “Originally I was going to do something casual, a bit of R&B, but I was like, ‘Okay, I’m going to do what I usually do, but crank it up and crank it up a bit. the tempo. And we left a lot of room for the interpretation of the future of the song. “

Puth says working on the collaboration also helped inspire his own writing. As fans eagerly awaited the sequel to 2018 Vocal notes, Puth recently posted that he doesn’t want to “rush” a new album, adding that he needs “more time to mix and perfect these songs.” Still, the singer says putting on “Life’s Good” helped break a little writer’s block. “Funny how inspiration can hit you,” he says. “Like, I didn’t write anything this week, but when I wrote this record I wrote five other things just because I was so excited.”

While no release date has been set for his next album, Puth says he’s grateful for the downtime during quarantine, which ultimately allowed him to write and record on his own terms. .

“My whole career has been rushed,” he admits of his previous outings. “‘We don’t talk anymore was rushed to save, and A call was a rushed record, and See you next time Looks like it went well, but there was so much drama behind the release of this record, ”he says. “Was I going to sing it?” Was I worthy enough? I was a brand new artist so, ‘Is this gonna represent the [Fast & Furious] mark well? ‘ It was always so hectic. “

The tipping point came soon after Puth published Warning in 2017 and he was being pushed for a follow-up, which turned out to be the funk / soul track, “How Long”. “I was on the road doing ‘How Long’, and I felt like I was having a nervous breakdown,” he says. “I was thinking, ‘Oh, Attentions about to peak at number one on the radio and have no follow-up.

“I felt exhausted,” Puth admits, “from 2015 to 2020. This is the first year that I haven’t felt like a sponge, just so dry,” he continues. “That’s why I take my time.

Puth may be enjoying a break between records, but he’s not resting on his laurels. In fact, the singer and producer says it’s an exciting time to be in the music business, citing the LG collaboration and some new teenage superstar as examples. “I think what’s good about music today is that there is no gatekeeper or hierarchy of the person who says, ‘It has to be like that’ and ‘It has to be’. adapt to those parameters, ”says Puth.

“I particularly like what Olivia [Rodrigo] done because it’s all about the song, and the fact that she wrote most of her songs herself is so impressive, ”he adds. “I feel like people can tell when a song is written with fifteen people in the room. And I think that’s why Olivia’s album resonates so well with so many people of all ages, universally, because it’s not just topical things that everyone has experienced with a melody that relates to it, but it’s sung in a very relatable way by a pretty, pretty voice, ”he continues. ” You come from Feel that she wrote it herself, ”he says. “I just imagine him at a desk writing lyrics. It is very impressive.

When it comes to his own music, Puth says he has soloed a lot himself and is keeping the guest list small for his next outing. Still, he enjoys projects like the LG campaign, which allows him to flex his collaborative chops in a new arena. “Sometimes it’s good to be around new people to find sound inspiration,” he says. “That’s why I’m excited about this LG project, because it’s a collaboration between a few people who are going to really come up with some great ideas, to add value to what I’ve already done. “



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