Digital Underground co-founder Chopmaster J snubbed by former band members during DU Day proclamation in Oakland


Launches new group DU Next Generation on Shock G birthdate

LOS ANGELES, 25 August 2021 / PRNewswire / – When the co-founder and drummer of Digital Underground Jimi “Chopmaster J” Dright learned that the City of Oakland would honor his former band and recently deceased singer and co-founder Greg “Shock G / Humpty Hump” Jacobs with a proclamation to recognize the group’s civic and artistic contribution, he was at first delighted. However, upon learning that he was not welcome at the City of Oakland Digital Underground Day proclamation ceremonies and he was stricken from the group’s historical record, he was discouraged by the snub. In short, it was Chopmaster J who initially envisioned the creation of Digital Underground and introduced Tupac to their ranks, before leaving years later to sign another of his creations, Force One Network, for Quincy Jones at Warner Bros. Records. True creative genius, Chopmaster J remains intrepid, announcing the release of his son’s, SOTU, new group, DUNx.G. (DU New Generation) and their new album, single and video, “Evolution”, which is released on 25 Aug 2020, Digital metro day at Oakland, California.

“I had been informed by the former manager of the group that my presence was neither required nor desired at the festivities in honor of my former partner and friend Shock G and his ingenious musical contributions to the Hip-Hop firmament”, laments Dright. “This proclamation is an acknowledgment of the group that Shock G and I have founded, together. To add insult to injury, my name was removed from a quote that was awarded to the group on Digital Underground Day. This act seems particularly petty and anathema to fairness and the historical record. This appears to be an act intended to erase and nullify my contribution to the group and to Oakland the history of hip-hop as the only surviving co-founder of Digital Underground, “adds Dright.” I am, however, particularly grateful to the office of the mayor’s chief of staff, Shereda Nosakhare and director of education, David Argent who both work to rectify the affront. “

Dright has spent years writing, rehearsing, producing, performing and touring with Digital Underground. He recalls: “We recorded ‘Underwater Rhymes’ and’ Ya ‘Life’s a Cartoon’ and put it on vinyl thanks in large part to a $ 10,000 loan from my father, a Oakland business owner. ”Later, Chopmaster J recruited DJ Fuze and Silver B in the band and eventually signed to Tommy Boy Records. “From there, our star rose quickly,” says Dright. As well as being the band’s drummer and sampling programmer / performer, Dright was the executive producer and de facto acted as radio promotions director, band director and entrepreneur, often sleeping in his car, while throwing distribution and recording agreements in Los Angeles for the group. “I was sort of a PT Barnum, only the circus did not have my name, ”Dright recalls.

DUNx.G., directed by son of Dright, MC, producer and songwriter, SOTU (Sun of The Underground) and band member MEGA, is a continuation of that legacy, as a second-generation hip hop super group born and paying homage to the multi-platinum original, Digital Underground. Bringing a new familiar wave led by SOTU, alongside DJ / producer Mega, DUNx.G. rekindles the torch and continues with a funky and futuristic legacy. Crystallizing their DNA with colorful rhymes, amazing production, crazy performances, stories and more, DUNx.G. merges the past, present and future in a galactic musical journey “now”. “Evolution”, the band’s new single, is a cosmic, as opposed to digital, sound and visual ascension that embraces the new planet landscape of otherworldly advances. Dright designed and produced the group, but SOTU and Mega are the driving forces that are joined by a revolving door of musicians, singers and creatives.

“For me, disrespecting my father drives me to take DUNx.G. to another level,” SOTU adds. “His genius is in my bones and in my blood. Our musical legacy will never be canceled. The essence. DU sound resonates in my being and DUNx.G. is proof of its innovation, vision and genius. “

The Chopmaster adds: “Tupac used to say ‘You evolve or become irrelevant’ – so the name of the first version of DUNx.G. is Evolution. “.

Dright says he wants his name included in the Oakland proclamation, so that the historical origins of Digital Underground are properly recorded for posterity as he is the rightful co-founder of the group. He now presents DUNx.G. like the sound amplification of a new generation that cannot be denied.

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