Familiarize yourself with the group So-Cal, Honeyboys, and their new single “Green Tea”


Making a band is very different from what it was before the age of social media. Previously, bands were usually created using local talent a producer had, in the hopes of creating something with the sum of the parts. Nowadays, location has become much less of a factor as social media has redefined what the word “local” really means. Made up of four different instrumentalists, booming boy band honey boys was designed in Facebook’s chatrooms, where four friends found similar sound interests. After releasing a handful of well-received songs, the band seek to assert themselves more as a force, as they first appear on our pages with their new single “Green Tea”.

Using live drums and an infectious guitar riff, “Green Tea” takes on the back of euphoric sounds that trigger nostalgia. Combining these qualities with dreamy vocals and sentimental lyrics, the song chronicles how swirling lust and romance can blind people who are clearly not compatible in the long run, highlighted in the title line, “She drinks coffee, i love green tea. ” The band members present an intriguing chemistry on the record, with frontman Ari Eisenberg serving wonderfully as a spokesperson for a band that thrives on sonically progressive ideas.

Listen to the single below and get acquainted with Honeyboys.

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