Fans must claim a digital space for artists in today’s music industry – Phiona Okumu – New Telegraph


Phiona Okumu, head of music at Spotify for Sub-Saharan Africa, said several things are changing the narratives in the Nigerian music industry. To understand this, one must consider the power and responsibility of listeners in driving African musical culture. “If you’ve ever partied with Nigerians, you might have noticed something: they don’t mind asking the host or the DJ to play whatever music they want to hear.

They will travel to other countries and ask for Afrobeats. Call it cultural pride if you will, but there’s something to be said here about how it paid off in the exuberant export of music, art, literature, film and entertainment. Other Nigerian Cultural Influences. she further stated, “You will see proof of that in the Spotify charts.

In Nigeria, you’ll find local artists occupying most of the top spots (Asake practically lives there at the moment), with a few more from further afield popping up. In South Africa, you’ll see good numbers for local artists, but it can skew towards international hits. In Kenya, international artists tend to have more streams than local artists. But we know there will be Nigerian names on the charts pretty much everywhere. And the charts, in turn, influence pop culture.

Streaming has changed the way we experience music. When the MP3 was created, piracy raged through the music industry and quickly took the power away from record companies and artists. When Spotify launched in 2006, it stabilized things. Streaming has proven to be an easier, safer and more enjoyable option than illegally downloading and storing content yourself.

Plus, streaming data has shown us new ways to understand how people play music. She argued that, of course, such changes could not happen without criticism, including arguments about how music streaming has changed listening, as well as rumors about how record companies have struggling to break into new artists. It cannot be ignored that as times change, the way of doing things must change to adapt to the digital age.

Spotify was born in response to a major shift in the music industry, and we’re continually working to strike the right tone by bringing attention to the talent, stories and narratives this beautiful continent has to share.


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