Five must-see songs by Sizzla Kalonji



Miguel Collins is the famous reggae / dancehall star known professionally as Sizzla Kalonji. His successful career in the music industry is well served as he continues to enjoy more than two decades as a bona fide ambassador of reggae.

Trying to dissect his amazing and cohesive work is a tedious task to accomplish. The deejay has released ninety studio albums to date, including twenty-one in the Billboard Top Reggae Albums chart.

These five songs from the brilliant songwriter are some of the most popular in his catalog and a must-have for any reggae fan.

black woman and child

Twenty-four years ago, this monumental work produced by the late legendary Bobby Digital took the reggae world by storm. The title track of the album released by VP pays serious tribute to women of African descent who proudly display their roles as mothers. The captivating rhythm deeply vibrates the listener’s interest in a mental image of the black woman and her role in modern society as she addresses her femininity while uplifting the future.


In 2002, the artist released his seventeenth studio album titled “Da Real Thing”, which he produced. Track two, Simplicity, details a pure and fair way of leading one’s life choices. The laid back reggae vibe of the song is perfect listening for a long drive in the countryside.

She likes

Track thirteen from the same album is inspired by R&B, with layers of drums, She likes. Sizzla’s husky voice is replaced by a falsetto tease, as the lyrics tell the story of a woman in love with a man equally in love.

Up to the occasion

In 2003, the title track from his eighteenth studio album became a favorite with hip hop and dancehall fans. The slow-paced banger encourages the listener to reach their full potential in life.

These are the days

The very successful “Egyptian Riddim” who conquered the worldwide appeal of dancehall in 2003, has presented several leading deejays. Among them, none other than ‘Dada’ himself. The compilation mix produced by Daniel Lewis and Donovan Bennett was released by Greensleeve Records as part of their rhythm album series. Kalonji’s fast-paced, hardcore deejay style made his track a massive hit on the popular album and served as track thirteen on his album “Rise To The Occasion”.




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