GOMORRAN from Finland will release their debut album in December; Single / Video “Sermon” Streaming



Helsinki-based Finnish blackened death metal band Gomorran are set to release their debut album, Snippets from the Dark Ages, on December 3 via Inverse Records. The first single, “Sermon”, is released today with an official video. Find out below.

Singer / guitarist Perttu Laamanen comments: “’Sermon’ is a pagan ritual where the demons of the verses devastate everything. A chorus that burns in purgatory is reinforced by quick and satanic interludes. At the last moments of the ritual, the listener is pulled into the dreary and desperate depths of hell. The enchanting hellish damnation of the latest beats remains fascinating with every listen. ”

Pre-record samples of The Dark Age on Spotify here.

Gomorran was formed in Helsinki in the fall of 2019, when Olli Lappalainen’s break from playing the drums ended. There was a burning desire to form a new band and get back to producing metal. Guitarist Joonatan Wiitasalo ended his own hiatus and joined to unleash his heavy musical creativity. Over the following months, many new song ideas emerged.

Although the composition was progressing strongly, the group was desperately short of members. In late summer 2020, the group was joined by an ambassador of evil sound waves, singer guitarist Perttu Laamanen. Perttu gave a huge boost to the composition of new songs. The structures and ideas of the songs turned into full songs, and Gomorran began planning the production of his debut album. In early 2021, just before the recordings of Extracts from the Dark Age, bassist Panu Nykänen joined in to boost the low frequencies.

When Olli and Joonatan wanted to compose a ruthless music, inspired by Ajattara and Cannibal Corpse, Gomorran’s first song, Black Plague, was born in the spring of 2020. The song was seen as a beacon in the direction in which the group should strive musically. . Gomorran perceives their music as death metal which draws its influence from the darkness of black metal. The impact of other musical genres cannot be minimized, as the band members possess a wide range of musical influences. The lyrics of the extracts from the Dark Ages record include poignant stories about the Roman Empire, the Middle Ages, and pagan literature.

The band ended up recording their debut album, Snippets from the Dark Ages, independently in the band’s rehearsal room in Vallila, Helsinki. Mixing and recording was done by Gomorran drummer Olli Lappalainen. The chorus, keyboard and strings were arranged and produced by Markus Lappalainen. Recording and mixing of the album was completed in July 2021, following mastering by Juho Räihä of Sound Spiral Studios.

List of tracks:

“Black Plague”
“Desperate hope”
“Hail Caesar”



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