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Metallica guitarist Robert trujillo recalled his mandate with Black sabbath Legend Ozzy Osbourne and mentioned surreal moments they lived with The prince of darkness. He also revealed what Ozzy Osbourne means to him.

Gained international fame for being the lead vocalist of the heavy metal band Black sabbath, Ozzy Osbourne released their first 5-time platinum-certified solo studio album in 1980, titled Ozz Blizzard. 12 studio albums released at press time, Ozzy Osbourne had released his last album, Ordinary man, in 2020.

On the other hand, Robert trujillo is the bassist of the heavy metal band Metallica since 2003. Playing in the last two studio albums of Metallica, Robert trujillo also performed on the group’s collaboration album Louie, the group’s EP Beyond the magnetic, and live album S & M2.

Apart from Metallica, Robert trujillo was a member of Ozzy Osbourne from 1996 to 2003. During this period, Trujillo had played beloved Ozzy Osbourne efforts such as Down to earth, Ozz Blizzard re-edit, Diary of a Madman reissue and CD / DVD combination Living at Budokan.

Recently, Robert trujillo interviewer with addicted to mma and spoken of surrealist Ozzy Osbourne moments and mentioned what to play with Ozzy Osbourne means to him. At first, the musician was asked if he had the proudest moment of his career. Robert trujillo answered the question by recalling his strange memories with Ozzy Osbourne. According to Trujillo, he was warned of Ozzy Osbournestrange behaviors.

“Wow, this is difficult” Trujillo admits.

“For example, I remember my proud moment with Ozzy Osbourne – because I toured and performed with Ozzy for a while.

“And I remember it was Las Vegas, we had just played an amazing show, and I specifically remember, I think it was the song ‘Sweet Leaf’.

“And he and I started doing this dance together, which ended up being the ‘crab walk’. He was doing all kinds of weird stuff – pulling your hair, scratching you, trying to bite you, something weird.

“I was warned of this, and he would do that.”

Robert Trujillo reveals how Ozzy Osbourne got him surreal

Robert then revealed for a moment how Ozzy Osbourne the surrealist on the ground. To think he could have understood anytime Ozzy approached him that he was going to do something to him, Trujillo added Osbourne was still a step away from him.

“So he comes over to me, and then I’m like ‘OK'” Robert keep on going. “And I’m starting to go lower and lower, almost like a sumo wrestler.

“And all of a sudden I’m like a foot off the ground. And guess what? It is also one foot off the ground! And he said to me ‘I got you!’ So it was surreal for me.

Final, Robert admitted that playing alongside Osbourne and doing strange acts alongside him is mind-blowing to him.

“Here’s a guy I grew up listening to – obviously with Black Sabbath, then his solo material, and playing Ozzy’s music at backyard parties when I was 16 – and now I’m here.” , taking a walk with that guy, on stage, in front of 18,000 people, in a sold-out arena, ”he reveals.

“It was mind-blowing.”

Back in mid-November, Ozzy Osbourne had shared his honest feelings about Robert Trujillo. Looking back on their previous collaborations, Ozzy had said that Robert is a great friend of his.

“Rob has always been a great friend of mine”, Ozzy noted. “He’s a great bass player and a great guy; he’s the only guy who, when it came time to move, got it right.

“I always ask the guys who play with me, if they get another offer and want to move on, that’s fine, don’t let me down in the shit, give me time to get a replacement.

“Rob is the only guy who’s ever done it right by my side for this. I’m really happy that we also played it on the new album.



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