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In a new interview with Kerrang Magazine, Megadeth leader Dave mustaine mentioned the possibility The Big Four Show and said there won’t be Big four show explaining the main reason.

Dave mustaine was the lead guitarist of the Grammy Award-winning heavy metal band Metallica from 1982 until his early departure in 1983. He did not appear on any Metallica albums throughout his tenure with the group. When he was fired from the group due to personal issues with Lars ulrich, the musician has been replaced by Kirk hammett.

The big four consists of some of the pioneers of the heavy metal community, Anthrax, Megadeth, Metallica, and Killer, who announced his retirement in 2019. Previously in the past, The big four had performed a concert which took place on June 22, 2010, at the Sonisphere Festival at the Vasil Levski National Stadium, in Sofia, Bulgaria.

However, in his recent online interview, Dave mustaine opened up to the future of The Big Four Show. First, the investigator asked Mustaine how difficult it was to make The Big Four events. The musician responded by saying that these events were not difficult for him to occur.

“Basically all I had to do was agree with them,” he continued. “We were on the road and our manager at the time said Metallica was talking about doing it.

“My response was, ‘As long as it’s the Big Four and not Metallica and the three Amigos, I’m down! The first show was in Poland and Metallica hosted a welcome tour party.

“We all went to break the ice.

Dave Mustaine explains why there won’t be a Big Four show in the future

The investigator also asked Mustaine if there will be more Big four show in the future. Megadeth the leader explained why he doesn’t plan to make a playoff in the future, even though he would like to do more. He said his former bandmate Lars ulrich is afraid to do it.

“Honestly? ” Mustaine demand. “No. I wish there were more and I would be willing to do it. But remember, Slayer is retired, and for some reason, Lars [Ulrich, drums] is afraid to do more Big Four shows.

“He’ll tell you it’s already done, but I think the fans want it. The heavy metal community wants more Big Four concerts.

Mustaine reveals his rejection of Metallica’s recent offer

Elsewhere in the interview, Mustaine discussed his current relationship with his former group mates. When the interviewer asked when was the last time they contacted James Where Lars, he recalled his recent refusal Metallica offer.

“The last time I spoke to Lars was during Metallica’s 30th anniversary,” he says. “And the last time I heard from James was when he called to talk about the ‘No Life’ Til Leather ‘re-release.

“He was trying to get me to turn the publication over to Lars, although James and I were the only songwriters. Lars wanted a percentage and I just said no.

“I love James, he’s a great guitarist, but yeah, I can’t do that. The songs are already there.

“I’m not going to post something just to have a product to sell – especially if they are perpetuating false information. Lars didn’t write the songs. It was just me and James. Period.”



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