Hit-Boy Says You Tried Putting Him On Music Industry Blackball



It’s been years since Ye and producer Hit-Boy worked together, and all because the two fell out a few years ago. Hit-Boy had previously spoken about the split, claiming it happened after Ye found out he was working with Beyonce. During a recent interview on the Rory & Mal podcast, Hit-Boy discussed the incident and how it almost affected his career. “I went through a lot of bullshit, falling out with Kanye fucked me for a minute, bro,” Hit-Boy said. “I was fucking nigga, will I still be able to do that shit?”

He continued, “Being just a thousand, these niggas come to me like Ye said to that nigga, ‘Don’t use Hit-Boy on your album.’ Like I really went through this, nigga. How many motherfuckers could go through Kanye trying to derail their shit? So now you see why I’m at Nas party like, “N **** I made an album harder than for Nas than you, it’s just real. “

The Nas night that Hit-Boy refers to is the celebration of the album release the two artists had for King’s disease II, the Nas album that Hit-Boy produced. That’s where Hit-Boy told the audience, “It’s not a hundred n **** making the beat. Ain’t a hundred niggas writing the rhymes, nigga. It’s two n **** s in the studio. I hear that shit right now, mate. He is going down. King’s disease II. Stream that shit, buy that shit. “

He added, “There ain’t no n **** s in the studio. It’s just me and my brother. You all hear that shit? It’s just me and this n **** in studio. He’s crossed out, I’m making beats. No hype. We’re not on Twitter to bother you all. We’re not on IG Live playing some weird stream, nigga. We’re doing this for real, man! Stop playing! “



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