Iggor Cavalera’s new corroded spiral is great for Halloween



Former Sepultura drummer Iggor Cavalera has unveiled another new project, Corroded Spiral, including the debut EP, Ancient Night Summon, will be released before the end of the year. “Forgotten Ether”, one of the four tracks from the EP, can be heard now and it’s perfect music in the run-up to Halloween.

As famous as Cavalera is in the metal world, he has also become a force in the electronic and industrial fields in recent years, notably with the Petbrick project and the collaboration Mute, which led him to join the Brazilian group Deafkids. Even before that, his background in this type of music dates back to husband and wife DJ duo Mixhell, which he formed in 2006 and released. The spaces, the only full length, in 2013.

With Corroded Spiral, Cavalera moves even further away from the adrenalized mechanizations of the end and draws closer to the biting nihilism that once emanated from the late death-industrial / dark ambient power label Cold Meat Industry, interspersed with buzzing Justin Broadrick rehearsals. It’s total and doubly nightmare fuel when it comes to creating an eerie vibe on your doorstep as you host trick-or-treaters this Halloween.

Listen to “Forgotten Ether” below and pre-order the digital one Ancient Night Summon EP through corroded spiral Band Camp page.

Corroded spiral, “Forgotten Ether”

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