Isyana Sarasvati and DeadSquad share brutal new version of “Il Sogno”



Indonesian singer-songwriter Isyana Sarasvati and death metal band DeadSquad have shared a new collaborative version of Sarasvati’s “Il Sogno”.

Recently released track, uploaded to streaming platforms today (December 27), serves as another facelift for Sarasvati single rock opera of the same name earlier in April.

The new version combines the operatic and progressive rock arrangement of the original track with the extreme metal brand of DeadSquad, with the angelic voice of Sarasvati against the chilling guttural voice of Augustinus Widi, furiously chosen tremolo riffs and explosive rhythms.

Listen to ‘Il Sogno’ below.

A music video for the track is expected to be released soon, although a firm release date has yet to be announced.

In an Instagram post, DeadSquad’s new frontman Augustinus Widi explained that the track – including its riff – was composed and arranged by Isyana Sarasvati, and the band performed it the only way they knew.

The original version of ‘Il Sogno’ was first released in April, with smoother rock instrumentation. That same month, Isyana Sarasvati and DeadSquad – then directed by Daniel Mardhany – teamed up for a collaborative unit for IDGAF 2021, during which the first iteration of ‘Il Sogno’ was made.

In August, Mardhany left DeadSquad and was replaced by Augustinus Widi. The group recently shared their new single “Curse Of The Black Plague” on October 31st. The song would be the first taste of their next album. More details are currently unknown.

“Curse Of The Black Plague” marks the second single of the year for DeadSquad, following “Paranoid Skizoid” in July.



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