“It was so sweet and amazing”



Metallica bass player Robert trujillo remembers the first time he met Metallica during his tenure with Suicidal tendencies and said those times were so kind and amazing.

Starting his career in 1978, Robert trujillo is the current bassist of the Heavy metal bandaged Metallica. He joined the pioneers of heavy metal in 2003, just after his 6-year tenure between 1989-1995 with Suicidal tendencies. He was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame with Metallica in 2009.

Besides his Metallica career, Robert trujillo had played several legendary names in rock and roll. Right before he joins Metallica, Trujillo had appeared with Ozzy Osbourne, Jerry cantrell, and heavy metal band Black label company.

Recently the bassist did an interview with Zane Lowe remember your membership Metallica. He also spoke about how he met Metallica and said that was when Metallica released their eponymous fifth studio album, The black album.

“Going back to the first time I actually met the guys at Metallica, which probably would have preceded the ‘Black Album’, seeing them around, hanging out,” Rob said.

“It was a really exciting time to be in Los Angeles because everyone was writing and recording their records with their producers in the different studios…

“But at the same time, every night there was a different place to hang out with these people.

“There was just a lot of excitement in rock ‘n’ roll with a lot of different bands.”

Rob remembers the opening of Metallica

When Rob continued his words, he also remembered the moment when they opened for Metallica when he was in Suicidal tendencies. To say that they made a record that Lars ulrich loved it, Rob said it was great spending time with Metallica.

“Everything was in place – the new bands were Alice in Chains, and I was playing in Suicidal Tendencies at the time, and we had made a record that I guess Lars seemed to like,” he continues.

“And we got to tour with Metallica and open for them in 1993. So for me to watch Metallica every night, and even fun stuff like we could eat their leftover dinner when they left…

“I got my first official bonus, I’ll never forget it. I believe it was in Europe, and we were summoned to meet them in their touring lounge, I guess you will call it, and we were each given an envelope with money.

“It was about a thousand dollars, and it was the most money I had ever made – or seen – from music. So all of these things bring me back. It was so sweet and amazing.

James Hetfield reacts to Robert’s audience

Elsewhere in the interview, the group’s leader James hetfield reacted to Robertthe public before them. Say that Robert was an amazing player, James added that it was so spectacular.

“When Rob was on the list, I was just thinking, ‘No way he’ll join us. He’s too amazing. It is too spectacular. The things that are going on – he’s so connected, and he’s so wanted and needed… He might show off as a kind gesture. He didn’t need it, he’ll be fine without us, ”said the leader.

“But when he played… There were a few other people I had in mind, and then when Rob came in it was like, ‘OK, he fills us so much.'”



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