James Hetfield reveals the important thing Metallica is so afraid of



Metallica leader James hetfield discussed his band’s 30 years of success with their self-titled fifth studio album, The black album, and revealed the important thing that his group Metallica is very afraid of.

James hetfield is the co-founder, singer and guitarist of the nine-time Grammy Award-winning heavy metal band Metallica for four decades. At press time, Hetfield had released ten studio albums, three live albums, four extended plays and 24 singles throughout his career with Metallica.

With its reissue of September 10, The blacklist album, Metallica celebrated the 30th anniversary of their eponymous record. In the album, they had collaborated with many famous musicians, including Corey taylor, Miley Cyrus, J. Balvin, The Hu, Elton john, Ghost, and much more.

Recently, James hetfield revealed his honest opinion on Metallica‘s Black album during an interview with The Guardian. Saying that they performed too well, he added that it is a very big thing to celebrate the 30 years of an album.

“Thirty years of the Black Album is a pretty big year,” he said. “We are gifted and perfectionists. “

James Hetfield reveals the thing Metallica fears

James hetfield also mentioned the important thing that Metallica is very afraid of over the years. He then referred to the group … And justice for all album and said there were some really long songs.

“We think outside the box and try to be the first,” he continues. “There is no nostalgia that drives this group – we were very afraid of it before…

“There was a lot of ego and show off [1988’s] […And] Justice [for All]. ‘

“Coming out and playing ‘Justice’ live, the songs were eight, nine, 10 minutes long.”

Hetfield focuses on nothing else

Elsewhere in the interview, James hetfield focused on the band’s much-loved song Nothing else matters. Previously revealing a life-changing experience about Nothing Else Matters, James hetfield, which had cried when Elton John made moving comments about the song, explained how he wrote the song.

“It was something I had played with after the shows – when it was dark and the crowd was gone” Hetfield noted. “It was like, ‘The rest of the guys are going to laugh at this. It might not be Metallica, it might be too vulnerable.’

“I was probably bored of the conversation. [Laughs] It was the beginning of “C’est bon”. Any feeling you have as a human you should be able to write down and talk about.

“It’s written loosely enough – ‘So close, no matter how far’ – that it can mean anything.

“It’s a wedding song and the Hells Angels have used it in their documentaries.”



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