K-Pop Boy Band TO1 Opens Up On New Members And KCON LA 2022 (Interview)


How would you describe TO1’s signature style, and how do you differentiate yourself from other bands?

DONG GEON: Through this album, we tried to show the overflowing energy of TO1 and the different charms of each of the members. If previous albums had more conceptual performances, with this one we tried to broaden our musical spectrum and introduce TO1 as a band that makes music that everyone can easily enjoy.

KYUNG HO: We focus on energy so we can bring stages where we can have fun and really enjoy.

DAIGO, RENTA and YEO JEONG recently joined the group. What has been the experience so far for new members?

YEO JONG: We are so happy to join the TO1 team and the other members (hyungs) take good care of us, and thanks to them we have so much fun doing WHY NOT?? promotional activities.

What fans might not know about the new members?

JI SU: DAIGO hides in the room to practice.

CAN: LEASE is the cutest “too talkative” I know. He asks so many questions to our members such as “Do you win if you eat instant noodles? Do you win if you need a late night snack? He often asks questions that have obvious answers.

KYUNG HO: YEO JEONG tends to be shy but sometimes he has those moments where he dances or jumps in front of us. And every time that happens, he expects us to show him a reaction that matches his high energy, which I find cute.

You just released your EP Why not?? – your first since the new list of members. Tell us about preparing for the comeback and what you wanted to express in the music.

CAN: We put a lot of effort into merging the energies of each of the nine members. J.YOU and I also participated in the rap making of the main title. We put a lot of time and effort into encapsulating the kitschy charm of the song in the lyrics.

J.YOU: There are many kitschy lyrics like “Dr. Strange” or “sticker worthy”. So please pay attention to the lyrics when listening to “Drummin'”!

Is there a style/genre of music that the members still want to explore next?

JI SU: If the opportunity arises, we would like to try a softer and more sexy concept, similar to Bruno Mars.

What do you like the most in a boy band?

J.YOU: I think that’s something that applies to all groups, regardless of gender – I think the coolest part about a group is that members with different personalities and charms all pull together for the same purpose .

What has been the most rewarding part of being in TO1 so far?

LEASE : The cheers from our fans that we hear on stage gave me so much strength!

What other bands, past or present, do you draw inspiration from?

JAEYUN: SEVENTEEN shows such good chemistry between the members. Also, the group energy and color they show to the public is something that inspires us, and there is so much to learn from them.

What is the goal that TO1 still has for itself as a band?

JAEYUN: We want to see lots of fan comments saying they got so much energy from TO1.

What are you most looking forward to from KCON / coming to America?

DAIGO: This is our first time meeting TOgether (our fandom) in the US, so we’re very excited about it.

Which member would you most like to travel with?

DONG GEON: JAE YUN, because he often cooks for us so he will probably also cook during the trip. Also, he is a very understanding person who won’t scold me even if I don’t get out of bed.

DAIGO: J.YOU hyung because he is a type of person who is ready for new challenges, and if I travel with him, I will probably learn and see new things which will make the trip even more fun and exciting. But honestly, I would love to travel with all of our members if the opportunity arises!

What can fans expect from your KCON appearance?

YEO JONG: Along with our main track “Drummin’,” we’ve prepared special stages for KCON 2022 LA, so stay tuned!


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