Korn’s Jonathan Davis shares his problem with Christianity


Not everyone in a group will always share respective points of view, but within Korn there is a certain respect between them when it comes to having certain points of view. metal hammer recently reached out to their readers to ask questions of Jonathan Davis, and one of the questions that came back was a question about where or not Davis went to church with fellow Christians Brian “Head” Welch and Fieldy .

Davis replied that although he did not join them in their respective churches, he did go to church and he respects their beliefs. “The world would be a much better place if people stopped sticking their noses where they don’t belong and respected people’s beliefs,” Davis said.

The singer continued, sharing his only problem with Christianity being the “fuckin’ ‘Holier than you, we’re better than you’ bullshit.”

That said, it’s not something he’s ever felt from his bandmates. “These two, especially Head, don’t talk about it. He just relaxes and accepts everyone for who they are.”

The singer then added, “We did a livestream in a church when we released the new record and it was cool! I love the buildings themselves; I decorate my house like a church. I don’t like necessarily what happens there..!

Fans will recall that Head left Korn in 2005, becoming a Christian and speaking openly about his faith. In a 2014 interview with Fanpass, the guitarist said, “I hate religion. I’m not talking about religion at all, but relationship through Christ is what I found. And I’m totally satisfied. Now I can enjoy my child’s education. , I can enjoy jamming with music at Korn, I can enjoy everything I do. It’s the best high ever.”

In 2021, he reflected on his faith, stating at first that he felt like he had “gone too far” and that it had become like an obsession. He later clarified that he felt he was getting “obnoxious with my faith”, but added that he still had “an incredible relationship with God” and knew where he stood without being so aggressive about it. topic.

Fieldy meanwhile spoke about his faith with Club 700, stating, “When I accepted Christ, I thought, ‘Okay, I’m going to pray for some of these things that I’m a slave to.’ It was done in stages and I was released without withdrawal, from weed to pills to everything I quit.

As for Davis, in a 2006 interview with Risen Magazinethe singer revealed, “I’ve always believed in God, man. I just don’t believe in organized religion. I think people get too bigoted with it. I’m not a big believer in the Bible and I just believe that if you’re good with people, they should be good with you, and that’s how I live. I pray and do that stuff, but it’s more of a personal business with me. I’m not here to spread it and do all the things born again Christians do.”

Korn is currently on tour, although Fieldy remains on hiatus with the band. The band will play Welcome to Rockville this Friday in Daytona Beach, Florida, with a European tour starting next week in Amsterdam. See all of their scheduled tour dates and get ticketing information here.

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