Listen to Finneas and Billie Eilish’s Song Written for a Cartoon Boy Band


*NSYNC, Backstreet Boys, One Direction… get moving! There’s a new boy band in town. On Friday, Disney and Pixar released “Nobody Like U,” the single written by Billie Eilish and Finneas for the Pixar movie’s animated boyband 4*TOWN. turn red.

“I never met nobody like you / Had friends and had buddies, that’s right,” sings the fictional boy band. “But they don’t turn my stomach like you do / I never met nobody like you.”

Finneas is tasked with providing the voice behind band member Jesse, which includes the band with Robaire (Jordan Fisher), Aaron T. (Topher Ngo), Tae Young (Grayson Villanueva), and Aaron Z. (Josh Levi). 4*Town’s music is entirely the creation of Eilish and Finneas, as they wrote two other songs performed by the band: ‘1 True Love and ‘U Know What’s Up’, which have yet to be released. Ludwig Göransson is responsible for the original music of the film.

The animated film stars Rosalie Chiang as Mei Lee, an impatient, rambunctious, and endlessly busy 13-year-old girl whose life is turned upside down when she is suddenly gifted with the ability to transform into a panda. giant redhead when she gets too excited. While Mei is initially frustrated with what her mother Ming (voiced by Sandra Oh) describes as a “little quirk [that] runs in our family,” she soon learns to control the beast within and even put it to good use when needed (such as whipping dodgeballs at bullies in gym class).

become red, directed by Domee Shi, is set to arrive on March 11.


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