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There is a perception that metalcore is a bubble of high quality, albeit somewhat predictable, bands.

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All of them are marked by modern production and songs that offer a set of catchy choruses, mosh call n ‘return vocals and the biggest and worst breakdown possible.

A good combo, 100% – but for people looking for something a little more, it can be hard to get too excited when groups tagged with the genre – like Make war – offer new records.

However, we are listening to WW’s new record. maniacal quickly crushes any preconceptions one might have about the Florida quintet being “just another modern grassroots band.”

At the same time atmospheric and eye-catching (without going into butt-rock territory) – while being truly aggressive and unpredictable – the album is arguably one of the best of the year, with the combination of A day to remember Singer Jeremy McKinnon and producer / songwriter Drew Faulk strike the perfect balance between excitability and sophistication.

“It was a great combo – Jeremy has helped us stay very close to our roots, but Faulk has really helped us push the boundaries, and the result is just a really cool record,” said UK frontman Bond. speaking during a break between tours. .

“We’ve had the tracks in the bank for a while – we just want to keep having fun, we’re still going to be a metal band – that’s what we love!”

“We want to push ourselves in this world, songs like Roll of death, out of this new record, are some of the heaviest we’ve ever done.

Wage War’s impressive sound progression is perhaps best heard on the title track of maniacal, a menacing mix of trap, hardcore beatdown and hip-hop that sticks out like a sore thumb from the bands Fearless Records teammates.

We became best friends again while writing this album – it was a really great experience for us and probably the biggest thing that made this writing process so successful for us.
[ Briton Bond ]

“This is one of the last songs that made the recording – it just came from a really cool demo with a lo-fi hip-hop drum beat – it was really out of the box for us so we worked really hard on it and it came together, it’s great for us in the studio – it’s my favorite song on the record, ”says Briton.

“We never really have a plan in advance of what we want an album to look like – this one just turned out to be a little darker and threatening – I guess that kind of reflects the time we are in. “

Written at the very beginning of the pandemic, maniacal is a collection of expertly crafted melodies, the sound of a band making the most of an unexpected break from a generally busy touring schedule, and funneling all their unwanted downtime into their best creative work to mark a decade of ‘existence.

“The whole world of music has taken a bit of a break – with Pressure we only had to do two tours on this album cycle – but we had to go back to the lab and keep working – we did a cabin retreat at the start of the pandemic and just wrote a bunch of new stuff », Explains Briton.

“We became best friends again while writing this album – it was a really great experience for us and probably the biggest thing that made this writing process so successful for us.

“We had to rehearse a week in a row before playing one of them live – before our recent tour with Bear tooth we just worked and worked on running the set for eight hours a day – but the end result is that the songs sounded great live – we hadn’t played a concert together in over two years, so it was really necessary.

With ten years on the books and sound continuing to grow, it looks like Wage War is far from short of ideas or creative hunger – something the Briton confirms, pointing to heavy music veterans of the 21st. century as a source of inspiration for where he wants to see the group go.

“There are so many bands that have been around for so long like lamb of god and Noose and they all kill him and come out with some awesome new material – so hopefully we can keep producing the good records for a long time!

Manic is out now, via Fearless Records



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