Max Cavalera reflects on the launch of Soulfly


Max Cavalera reflects on the launch of Soulfly

Lead singer and founder of heavy metal band Soulfly, Max Cavalera, recently met Blabbermouth to discuss the upcoming album “Totem” and the band’s original creation. Cavalera started Soulfly in 1997, after leaving Brazilian band Sepultura, which he co-founded with his brother Igor.

Although Cavalera left Sepultura and founded Soulfly soon after, there seem to be no regrets about his former band. Speaking to Blabbermouth, Cavalera said of the two bands: “But I like the idea that Soulfly was different from Sepultura. The way he was trained was different; we had different elements, almost like a completely different spirit. It was a bit more positive, in a way, spiritual. Fans connected with that. Those who hadn’t always had the old Sepultura stuff to listen to. I like that kind of stuff too.

Cavalera has been busy with many musical projects. In addition to Soulfly, Cavalera is involved with bands such as Killer Be Killed and Nailbomb. Cavalera also launched a new band last year, Go Ahead and Die.

Soulfly’s next album, “Totem”, will be released on August 5, 2022 and includes 10 new tracks.



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