Metalhead sums up the types of metal fans at festivals


Luckily, we’re still a few weeks away from the end of festival season, and if you’re impatient beavers like us, you’ll hopefully have a few more events on your schedule before summer ends.

As Bloodstock Festival approaches in the UK this weekend, a TikTok-er metalhead called Matthew Scar summed up all the different kinds of metal fans he’s spotted in crowds over the years, and it’s a pretty relatable watch.

Taking everyone from the brand of ‘not impressed’ metalheads with folded arms to the super-fan ‘Omg I like these guys’, it’s an impressively accurate course that you’ll almost certainly recognize yourself in.

Users in the comments are also excited to see their own festival characters played and to suggest additions to the video – which has even attracted famous heavy metal fans. Believe it or not, none other than Nightwish singer Floor Jansen gets involved, suggesting, “Tune drummers are one too! And people who know all the lyrics and sing like their lives depend on it “.

Another user said, “If I’m in the front row I’m a headbanger, but if I’m anywhere else I’m dancing like it’s Britney”.

With many suggestions offered, Matthew has already done a second part of the original video, this time including “the phone guy”, “that friend who drags you into the pit”, the person who “holds back his pee to save the first row”. spot”, the “silent but EXTREMELY SATISFIED headbanger” and more.

Watch the videos below and make sure you don’t forget to stream your favorite at all the festivals you are at before the summer is over.

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