Micky Dolenz said the Monkees theme song highlights the band’s legacy



  • Micky Dolenz said that two of the Monkees’ theme song lyrics capture the band’s legacy.
  • Dolenz said child and adult fans of the Prefab Four have told him how the band has affected them.
  • The band’s theme song appeared on an album that was internationally successful.
Davy Jones, Mike Nesmith, Peter Tork and Micky Dolenz of the Monkees | James Jackson/Evening Standard/Getty Images

Micky Dolenz of the Monkees has opened up about how the Prefab Four will be remembered. Afterwards, he said that the band’s legacy can be found in their theme song: “(Theme From) Monkeys.” Notably, the song appeared on an album that became an international hit.

Micky Dolenz discussed the lyrics to the Monkees theme song

During a 2016 interview with Yahoo! News, Dolenz was asked how he wants the Prefab Four to be remembered. “Well, I have no control over that,” he replied. “I guess it’s in the lyrics of the song: ‘We’re too busy singing to put anyone down’ and ‘We’re just trying to be friendly.'” For context, Dolenz quoted “(Theme From) Monkeys.”

Afterwards, Dolenz discussed the band’s fans. “I constantly get people coming up to me – old fans, the original fans from the 60s, 80s – and there’s a common theme: ‘I had a really tough childhood and you made me happy ‘”, did he declare. said.

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Micky Dolenz says the Monkees TV show has the ability to snap fans ‘out of reality’

Dolenz suggested adult fans share stories with him as well. “Or, ‘We got divorced or this and that and poverty and everything, and I was looking forward to that Monday night when you snapped me out of reality,'” he recalled. “So the Monkees did that in a way.”

Dolenz discussed the appeal of the Prefab Four. “You couldn’t help feeling good and having fun and laughing and the songs were happy and the themes were happy and no one was fighting or hating or killing each other,” he said. declared. “It’s such a common theme that I hear when people come to see me.”

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How the theme song and its parent album fared on the charts in the US and UK

“(Theme of) Monkeyswas never a single, so it did not chart on the Billboard Hot 100. The song appeared on the band’s album Monkeys. The album reached number one on the Billboard 200 for 13 weeks. It remained on the chart for a total of 102 weeks.

The Official Charts Company reports that the theme song was not recorded in the UK. On the other hand, Monkeys topped the UK chart for seven weeks. It lasted a total of 37 weeks on the chart.

“(Theme of) Monkeys” wasn’t a hit — but it does contain the band’s legacy in a nutshell.

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