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Jim Fulkerson, 68, owns Fulkerson Music Instruction, located in downtown Midland on the second floor, above Timm’s Appliances and Health Hut. He has been there for 35 years, teaching percussion. In addition to Fulkerson, there is another percussion teacher, two guitar teachers and a piano, vocals, brass and woodwind teacher.

Fulkerson said, “We provide quality music instruction on many different instruments… we have students from 5 to 76 years old. About 70 percent of the students are in middle or high school, but Jim said, “All ages, all walks of life. “

Fulkerson and his wife, Tammy, have been married for 35 years. They live in Midland. She is a housewife and musician, plays the guitar and sings. They have two sons, two daughters and a granddaughter.

Fulkerson graduated from Midland High and attended Interlochen School. He worked in insurance. Fulkerson hit the road in his twenties and thirties, playing drums in three different groups: The Flood Band, William Lewis Group and the Mike Brush Trio.

1. How long have you owned your business?

Since 1978.

2. What inspired you to own this business?

I liked working with people. I tried teaching two or three students and found that I really enjoyed doing it.

3. What makes Midland a great place to own a business?

I think Midland is interested in music, arts, dance. The community has different places for this to happen. Midland has a stable economy. Midland Center for the Arts has many different music apps for all ages, different orchestras, different theater groups. Even MCTV, when they come to film us, a lot of people see that, like the recent Resonators Percussion Ensemble (at Tunes by the Tridge). People call in and sign up.

4. In what ways is your business active in the local community?

We play Tridge, we bring the community together. We will organize special events in schools, churches. We play Riverside (Senior Living) every year.

5. What are some of your interests and hobbies?

Most of mine revolve around music. I love boating and fishing, relax my mind that way.

6. What local businesses do you work with that contribute to the success of your business?

MCTV helps my business succeed. I know when we make these videos the phone rings, people want to get involved. The businesses in my block and downtown, we try to work together. I have a lot of students who stop at Heather ‘n Holly and have chocolate on the way up. Me too.

7. Any other thoughts?

When I teach a music lesson, it’s not just about the lesson. He develops relationships. Music brings people together from all walks of life, in pursuit and enjoyment of music. It inspires me.



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