MY HOLLOW releases puppet music video for “Vultures”


My Hollow from Canada is releasing a new album, titled Fighting The Monsters, which they are looking forward to releasing globally this year. Taking inspiration from modern death metal bands, they continually evolve and their next release is no exception.

The first single “Vultures” was born when guitarist Greg Gallagher decided to write something heavy based on a fast black metal tremolo guitar riff that, as he says, is totally crushed. It was one of the hardest songs for him to write, but the finished product made the fight totally worthwhile. Humorous and light-hearted, the video contrasts the pounding drums and hard-hitting riffs throughout the song, making the single very engaging both visually and sonically.

The video for the single was created by Jennifer White, singer Graham’s wife. She created all the puppets, props, and backgrounds by hand, while serving as the de facto director for the video.

The band further explains, “The music video for ‘Vultures’ was single-handedly conceived and created by Graham’s amazing wife and very talented tattoo artist, Jennifer White. She’s been creating our artwork for almost as long as we’ve been a band. Jen and Graham went through the details and she came back with a full storyboard with different acts and scenes and it was clear by then that her talents were definitely not limited to static works of art. Next, we saw the puppets she created to go along with the storyboard; she put hours into it and we think it turned out amazing. The level of detail in these puppets was way beyond what we expected, and it’s so cool to see us depicted as puppets.

Watch the video below.

Fighting The Monsters was mixed and mastered by Tyler Williams at Monolithic Productions and artwork was done by Jennifer White. The EP is scheduled for next spring.


“Fighting The Monsters” ft. Björn Strid (Soilwork)
“Against all odds”
“Faded away”
“The Iron Harvest”

Video “Vultures”:

(Photo – Brett Teskey)


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