NEW CONCERT ALERT! All that’s yet to come in the East Moline Rust Belt



ALL THAT REMAINS will bring its 15th anniversary tour of The Fall of Ideals to The Rust Belt in East Moline on Saturday March 26, 2022
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Here is some information on the acts appearing on the bill:

All that’s left
NEW CONCERT ALERT!  All that's yet to come in the East Moline Rust BeltSince their formation in Massachusetts in 1998, All That Remains has built an undeniable legacy backed by airtight song, precise knife-edge metal instrumentation, and stadium-sized hard rock hooks. As a result, they have survived trials, tribulations, and tendencies to stand as one of this century’s most consistent heavy music purveyors with a bulletproof cannon of arena-worthy hymns. . All That Remains’ discography is highlighted by success at Active Rock, including top 10 radio hits such as “Two Weeks”, “What If I Was Nothing” and their first number one “Stand Up”. On average 1 million monthly listeners on Spotify (an unprecedented feat for any metal band at any time), while cumulative sales eclipse 1 million albums worldwide. Not to mention they’ve won five consecutive Top 10 debuts on the Billboard Top Rock Albums Chart and four in the Top 5. Most recently, Madness in 2017 spawned the dazzling cover of “The Thunder Rolls” by Garth Brooks, trend on VEVO. and generated over 21 million total views and 8 million Spotify streams in less than a year. In addition to the headlining packaging houses, they’ve pretty much torched festival stages everywhere from Rock on the Range to Welcome to Rockville.

Miss could I
The sound and fury of Miss May I runs deep in the hearts and minds of a legion of fans. These are people from different backgrounds, of different ages, with diverse life experiences, who all come together and connect with the combination of the brutal skill and passionate delivery of Miss May I. The Five-Piece Band , from the fertile metalcore lands of the heart of America, has become an integral part of the global heavy music community, transcending boundaries and boundaries, galvanizing crowds and energizing every person they meet.

With their second album In Darkness, the Philadelphia Varials are trafficking moshy-metal. While the music is heavy enough to move tectonic plates, it’s not just crowd-killing blackouts – although these exist in abundance on the record. Rather, the band explores other aspects of heavy, from lyrics and tones to song structures and melodies. It’s a dense, precise and sonically intense record, and it’s not pretty. The same can be said of words, which heal the depths into which humanity can sink.
In Darkness isn’t interested in light, and that’s how Varials like it.

Making Metal Disturbing Again …. Emerging from Pennsylvania in 2018 and combining the percussive force of second-generation drummer Max Portnoy with the sheer, war-torn fury of singer and YouTube sensation Justin Bonitz, the bare-core quartet TALLAH is on a mission to renovate and modernize the much-loved sound of popular nu-metal sensations of the early 2000s.
Drawing inspiration from the musical influences of their youth (such as Slipknot, Korn and Linkin Park), Tallah fuses the sharp precision of these acts with the raw edges of modern hardcore music displayed by the current sensations Code Orange, Vein, Candy and The Fire. gods.
After following Justin’s popular YouTube channel for a while – which has perhaps the most popular screaming tutorial with around 3 million views, “How to Scream (10 Different Techniques)” – Max approached Justin to join a new project with guitarist Derrick Scheider and bassist Andrew Cooper, with whom Max had already established relationships on the Philadelphia music scene.
The resulting explosion of chaos, controversy and metal innovation spawned the band’s debut EP, “No One Should Read This”, which was recorded at Spin Studios (GOJIRA, LAMB OF GOD) in 2018. After its release, Max received the Modern Drummer Award. for “Best Up and Coming Drummer 2019” and the band performed at the Boomtown Festival that same year.
Tallah’s upcoming album ‘Matriphagy’ develops the concept outlined in ‘No One Should Read This’, armed with a disturbing graphic narrative that must be taken both literally and metaphorically. Set against a pleasantly heartbreaking backdrop of brutally heavy musicality, ‘Matriphagy’ is a shameless love letter to chaos and the sickening twist of the macabre.

NEW CONCERT ALERT!  All that's yet to come in the East Moline Rust Belt

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