Producer and mixing engineer Dexter Simmons is taking the industry by storm


The music industry has always welcomed fresh and original talent with open arms. This extremely saturated space has thrived on trends that rely heavily on the unique blend of sounds. Mixing requires more than just mixing different sounds. A mixing engineer must have an ear for the audio levels of different sounds to combine them into something that is music to the ears. Mixing Engineer Dexter Simmons is one of those talents that has given the industry benchmark blends over the past three decades.

Dexter hails from Los Angeles, a city known for its diverse musical culture. Growing up, he realized his forte in music and moved to England to study audio engineering. This enhanced his natural talent, honing it further. A 30-year career exemplifies his unparalleled contribution to the industry and music enthusiasts around the world.

For Dexter, the biggest milestone of his career is the mixing of the album Speakerboxxx/Love From Below by the famous Rap group OutKast. This earned him a prestigious Grammy award, paving the way for the mainstream music streaming industry. Since then, Dexter has not looked back. He continued to create more amazing mixes, launching digital media and the big screen. Among them is the mixing of the single “The Boy Is Mine” by the famous duo Brandy and Monica. Her work in this single was nominated for “Record of the Year”, earning her many appreciations from prominent names in the industry.

With his growing popularity and recognition of his work, Dexter has landed several opportunities to work with top musical artists in the industry. The list includes names like Michael Jackson, Stevie Wonder, Beyoncé, OutKast, Mariah Carey, Tupac, Destiny’s Child, Toni Braxton, Brandy, Tamia and Monica, to name a few. Dexter credits his success to his dedication and diligence. He has been focused on his work throughout his career, and that is the biggest secret behind his resounding success as a mixing engineer in this competitive industry.

Dexter believes that if someone puts their mind and soul into achieving their goal, there is nothing in this world they cannot accomplish. With that zeal and will of steel, Dexter ventured into another chapter of his career. He collaborated with renowned music artist Impaac to launch Lion Pack Music Group, a global premium multimedia entertainment company. Under the passionate leadership of the talented duo, Lion Pack Music Group produces profitable and positive audio and visual entertainment for a diverse and international group of consumers. The company has already completed some landmark projects in the field of filmography and expects more in the near future.

Along with his entrepreneurial ventures, Dexter wants to continue his legacy in mixing for many years to come. In the future, he plans to produce independent recordings of his acts to connect with his audience on a personal level. He wants his music to resonate with the hearts and souls of his fans. Based on his achievements so far, his dream of rolling out independent projects will be another exciting adventure to captivate his fans.


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