Rock band YB takes part in Metallica’s charity album



“The Metallica Blacklist” album cover, slated for digital release on September 10th (official YB Instagram account)

South Korean rock band YB, formerly known as Yoon Do-hyun Band, will be featured in legendary American heavy metal band Metallica’s new charity album, slated for release on September 10.

On Tuesday, YB posted the cover of Metallica’s new album, “The Metallica Blacklist,” on his Instagram account and announced that he was on the project in February.

The next album is a special compilation and reissue to mark the 30th anniversary of the 1991 Metallica classic, “The Black Album”. Some 53 musicians, including rock and heavy metal bands as well as pop and classical musicians from around the world, participated in the recording. Weezer, Miley Cirus, Elton John, Robert Trujillo, Yo-Yo Ma, Igor Levit, Mac DeMarco and St. Vincent are among the participating musicians.

YB’s track on the album is a reinterpretation of Metallica’s “Sad But True”. The song’s lyrics have been interpreted in many ways by fans, with some seeing it as a message about blind religious faith while others see it as a message about inner conflicts, for example.

As YB has raised various social issues through their music, Korean fans are anticipating a new take on “Sad But True” by the band.

YB Group members, from right, are Yoon Do-hyun, Kim Jin-won, Scott Hellowell, Heo Jun and Park Tae-hee.  (Dee Company)

YB Group members, from right, are Yoon Do-hyun, Kim Jin-won, Scott Hellowell, Heo Jun and Park Tae-hee. (Dee Company)

Yoon Do-hyun, lead singer of YB, posted on his personal Instagram account the same day, that although YB is a 24-year-old band in Korea, they are just “little boys in front of Metallica,” adding that it t is an honor to participate in the group’s project.

Dee Company, the management agency of YB, told the Korea Herald that proceeds from sales of the album will go both to Metallica’s charity group All Within My Hands Foundation, as well as to Green Korea, an organization. nonprofit working on environmental protection issues. YB is a long-time benefactor of the organization.

The vinyl and CD versions of “The Metallica Blacklist” are scheduled for release on October 1, following the digital release on September 11.

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