Sid Wilson and Slipknot stars’ new masks in The Dying Song are ‘wild’


Slipknot released their brand new track, The dying songon Tuesday July 19 and Sid Wilson and some of the other band members are wearing new masks.

The heavy metal band’s new song comes ahead of the release of their upcoming album – The end so far. The band members not only treated their fans to new music in The dying songbut a few of them also showed off their brand new masks.

Sid Wilson and Slipknot stars have new masks

The members whose new masks saw the most changes in the new track were Sid Wilson and Michael Pfaff. The latter is otherwise known as The Tortilla Man.

Sid’s old mask had a hood and looked like a worn old man. The hood remained, but the elderly person transformed into a creature with a duck-like mouth and spiraling metallic eyes.

The musician is also seen holding his old mask in some scenes from the music video.

Screenshot of Slipknot – The Dying Song | Youtube

One of Slipknot’s most famous members is Shawn Crahan, best known for his clown mask. He looked very different in The dying song as well. He had mirrored gems in his new mask.

Michael’s old mask earned him the title of Tortilla Man thanks to its texture. But, the star’s new mask appears to be a darker shade of brown. There is more room for his eyes and eye holes than before.

Screenshot of Slipknot – The Dying Song | Youtube

Corey Taylor’s look has already undergone a change during the We are not your type time. The star dons a lone, leathery white face mask with stitches from her ear to her mouth.

Check out the full clip at Youtube here.

Screenshot of Slipknot – The Dying Song | Youtube

Fans react to new masks

Slipknot fans have always loved member masks, and it’s no different this time around either.

“Okay, I love NG’s new #slipknot mask,” a fan wrote.

“Sid Wilson’s new mask is sick #slipknot” another excited fan said.

another fan tweeted: “New slipknot song and mask that goes durdddd.”

“Sid’s mask is wild. Like an alien robot thing. I can’t wait for the full album. It will be heavy and they will also try new things. The latter was very technical, and Jay is so sick!! What a drummer!!” wrote a fan who loved the new song.

A look at Slipknot’s new album “The End, So Far”

The heavy metal band’s new album is scheduled to fall on September 30 this year. It will follow Slipknot’s 2019 album, We are not your type.

The end so far will be the band’s seventh studio album. here is a look at the tracklist:

  • Adderall
  • The dying song (time to sing)
  • The Chapeltown Rag
  • Yen
  • hive spirit
  • guarantee
  • medicine for the dead
  • Acid
  • Legacy
  • H377
  • From Sade
  • Final

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