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Tope Adenibuyan, better known as Teddy A, is a singer, songwriter, rapper, and roommate on the third season of Big Brother Naija (BBN). The reality TV star and social media influencer is a graduate of the University of Texas, United States of America. He was born in Lagos before moving to the United States where he built his career. Teddy A has a number of hits under his belt and has collaborated and shared a scene with Timaya, P-Square, Wizkid and Flavor. In this interview with IJEOMA THOMAS-ODIA, he shares his passion for music, marries another BBN roommate, Bambam, and his love for fashion, among others.

When you entered the Big Brother House, were you looking for love, money, or fame?
I think it was a mixture of fame and money. I had a bit of influence before I entered the Big Brother House, so I needed to increase it. Before that I had done some music with Phyno, Henry Kenzo from Uganda at the time, which was one of his greatest songs. So, coming back to Nigeria, I needed a platform to elevate myself to where I wanted to go and that’s why I chose the series.

How have you evolved over time?
I’m a different man now, I’m married, I’m a father. My family is growing, I am more mature, I am more intentional in what I do and more responsible. So there are a lot of changes and there are changes that I would take a break from to think about if this is what I want to do or what I’m ready for. But over time I realize that this is life and if I play my cards right I will get the most out of life.

What should we expect from you?
I don’t like to put the cat before the horse, so I always prefer the work to speak for itself. We have aligned so much; we’re filming for a show and once that comes out you’ll see a lot of our shots that touch on business, entertainment, philanthropy, and family values.

Should we expect more music?
Oh yes. The music is coming, and it’s something different although a few people with inner eyes will know it (laughs), but it’s something you’ve never seen before. I’m all for music, acting, and business. I am happy that my acting career is developing steadily; bigger and better. More defined roles are coming in that tell people what I can do and they position me better. And of course there is so much music, I always record and at the right time everyone will hear it.

Between music and acting, what is your comfort zone?
It’s music, any day, anytime.

What inspires your songs?
To a large extent, it’s the mood, how I feel. My environment influences the sounds I create. It all depends on my mental state. And where I am right now is in the daddy mood and this is where I feel with the creativity in my music; I’m more relaxed, at peace and in a good place, so the music will be different when it comes out.

Share with us the challenges you have encountered on your journey?
We will always have challenges, but of course God will not give you more than you can handle. He brings it your way because he knows you can handle it. I see life as an exam, you will continue to be tested and when you pass this test you will be taken to another level. So there will always be challenges and like I said earlier having a happy and nice place keeps you going and I love the way I’m growing up.

What does fashion mean to you?
All! Just like the music. I drink, sleep and eat in fashion. It’s been a part of me since I was a young boy. Growing up, my mom will always adore me with jewelry. She started buying gold for me when I was five. I wore gold chains, pierced my ears and her friends from Dubai will give me gold jewelry, so I was used to it. My mom and dad were all the rage too, so it came naturally to me. My kids are wearing jewelry now.

What’s your favorite local dish?
Give me Egusi with any swallow shape, as an Ondo man. And for a convenient meal, rice, and I’m fine.

What turns you on about people?
Be peaceful. This is what attracted me to my wife; she was so different and what i wanted. Even during the BBN show, I wondered how anyone could be so true. After the show, she turned out to be real and true.

What turns you off about people?
I hate people who have pride, who are stubborn and stubborn.

What life lessons have you gathered so far?
If I knew what I know now I would probably be better off because I now understand what it takes to be responsible and put family first all the time. Love triumphs over everything and that’s why we have the saying “Kill your enemies with kindness” because it makes them stupid at the end of the day. Knowing and putting God first is always the ultimate, and of course, family second and then getting money.



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