The Doors’ violent cover of “People Are Strange”


The Violent deconstructed the Doors classic “People Are Strange” for their latest release and it’s now a synthesized anthem that still manages to portray the dark unease of the original song.

For those not yet familiar with The Violent, the band features a voice you probably recognize as Red Sun Rising vocalist Mike Protich leads the band after recruiting former Red Sun Rising members. , Patrick Gerasia (drums) and David McGarry (guitar) to fill out the lineup.

While many covers often fall into the “stay true” category, The Violent managed to overhaul “People Are Strange,” putting their own stamp on it with a presentation that sounds totally new.

“‘People Are Strange’ became poignant in this new world we live in; a world of settings we feel compelled to live in,” Protich said. “This kind of pressure can make a person feel more left out and alone than ever before. We focused on these concepts and emotions during this process, while the original contains a more whimsical quirkiness. .”

The cover also comes with an equally interesting video, with director Samuel Shapiro placing the band on a darkened stage to perform in front of a faceless robotic crowd whose only forms of expression are a message board where their faces are said to be. It’s kinda creepy and suited to the song. Check out the clip below.

The Violent, “People Are Strange” (The Doors Cover)

“People Are Strange” will appear on The Violent’s upcoming self-titled EP, which is slated for release March 11. Pre-orders are available here. You can also look for The Violent’s return to the concert scene in 2022, with a Welcome to Rockville appearance already booked for May 21. Stay up to date with all their events here.

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