The marching band returns to UW Oshkosh


Titan Thunder to debut in fall 2022

UW Oshkosh will soon have a Titan Thunder marching band, as the recruiting and preparation process will take place in the 12 months leading up to the new group’s debut in fall 2022.

This will be the first time the UWO has had a fanfare since it ceased operations for the Marching Titans in 1980 after playing for 18 years. But UWO bands date back to at least 1930.

Scheivert (Photo courtesy of Facebook)

Joseph Scheivert, the new director of athletic bands, will be responsible for the direction and assembly of the Titan Thunder, and his goal is to lead a group that will freeze the crowds and add to the experience of being a student of the UWO. He even plans to make the marching band’s performances an interactive experience between musicians and audience members.

“I hope we can create a sense of nostalgia and UWO identity where athletes, students, alumni and the community can feel at home and full of Titan pride,” said Scheivert. “I love receiving requests for songs from audiences, although we certainly can’t honor them all.”

Scheivert, who most recently served as Associate Director of Groups at Kennesaw State University in Kennesaw, Georgia, emphasizes the importance of combining fun, business and hard work.

“Personally, I try to bring a lot of energy and humor to my rehearsals,” he said. “Past students often note that I know when to get to work and when to have fun. I expect to

The UWO has hosted a marching band several times over the decades. This group existed from around 1930-49.

the same with my students. We can be a great organization and have a great time doing it. “

As someone who has written various musical compositions, Scheivert brings recent experience to the UWO marching band.

“[I] was later a graduate assistant with the Penn State and Iowa groups, where I wrote walking drills and musical arrangements and handled administrative duties, ”Scheivert said.

For those who are set to join the Titan Thunder next year, the new UWO Director said the gaming experience is all one would need; he plans to teach those who have never walked before, and just like with wind and wind ensembles, students of all majors are welcome.

“If you can play a musical instrument, spin flags or spin sticks at the high school level, give it a try,” he said. “You don’t even have to have walked before. The group will be open to students of any major at any UWO campus.

UW Oshkosh’s new marching band, The Titan Thunder, will debut in fall 2022. (Photo courtesy of UWO)

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