The North American music industry and its awards during Hispanic Heritage Month



Music is an artistic expression characterized by the use of a unique language capable of breaking down any language barrier and which can be enjoyed on many levels. Especially in today’s world, a global village that is connected to the length and breadth of the planet through the power of technology, music, no matter where it is made, can touch fibers. millions of people regardless of their nationality, ethnicity or the language in which the letters are interpreted.

Exalting diversity and celebrating multicultural inclusion is something music does very well. The United States is the perfect example of showing that music doesn’t have to speak a particular language (or specific to the place where it is heard) to be enjoyed. This is seen in the events which, taking advantage of Hispanic Heritage Month, celebrate the contributions of Latino artists (or who perform their lyrics in Spanish) and recognize them with the best of the North American entertainment industry in the service of the talent of Of Hispanic origin.

While some people point out that these galas are part of business strategies that seek to impact sales in the Latino community, the fastest growing ethnic group in the United States for decades, the truth is that talent , the creativity and originality of Latin superstars is the best argument to point out that beyond the undeniable influence of the industry, these celebrations are the perfect opportunity to immortalize the extraordinary contributions of Latinos to the musical arts.

Latin talent awards

The Billboard Music Awards are awards given annually by Billboard, an American magazine dedicated to the music industry. The finalists for these awards are selected for their business performance in the United States based on data recorded by the Nielsen SoundScan system at the end of the year.

Thanks to the growing influence of the Hispanic community in North America, since 1994, the Bilboard has hosted the Billboard Latin Music Awards to honor top performing Spanish-speaking artists. In addition to these awards, awarded based on the success of albums, singles and videos on the charts, the ceremony includes the “Spirit of Hope” Award for Humanitarian Achievement and the “Trajectory” Award.

To see the list of winners of the last edition click here

For their part, the Grammy Awards are a distinction awarded by the National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences of the United States since 2000 to recognize a particularly remarkable achievement in the music industry. The recipients of this recognition are determined by their degree of musical excellence, which is assessed by the academy.

The Latin Grammy Awards, which shakes up reggaeton artists due to their absence from the nominee list, recognizes artistic and technical excellence in recorded music, through peer voting, for musical productions sung in Spanish , Portuguese, or in languages, dialects or idioms. expressions recognized in Latin America.

Here is the full list of nominees for the next installment of statuettes

In addition to celebrating these awards on an uninterrupted basis in 22 editions (including the next one to be held), the Grammys also strive to support and promote Latin talent through the Latin Grammy Cultural Foundation.

Latin diversity: its strong card in music

You don’t have to justify a spectacular celebration to honor the best of the Spanish music industry. On the contrary, they should be done more frequently and beyond the month that celebrates the contributions of Hispanics to the United States, because beyond appealing to a specific ethnic or cultural group, they are a tribute to different precepts that the world needs to normalize. and embrace them: Diversity and inclusion.

“¡Qué viva la música!” (Long live music!) It is a novel by Colombian writer Andrés Caicedo who, from other latitudes, recognizes the incalculable value that music brings to the life of every human being. The soundtrack of each culture and era becomes a universe rich in sounds and verses in which we can venture to explore and recognize those themes and sensations that have been recorded in thousands of generations throughout history.

Awards such as the Grammys or the Billboard are examples of those events that every Latin American nation would like to achieve in its territory, but which, for one reason or another, cannot be achieved. Celebrations of this magnitude, which become an international festival, to which only the “best” rank, are the most desired scene by any Latin artist and one of the biggest dreams they try to achieve.



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