WAV Music Collaborative launches student careers



Patrick Meskers, a second year music industry student, decided to join Whole A-Vibe, or WAV music collaborative, an artist management group, with the goal of helping artists to structure themselves and control their work in the music industry.
Former Loyola student Miles Trainor launched WAV in 2019 after seeing how little control artists have over their own music. The goal of WAV, said Meskers, is to help its artists get back on their feet and give them confidence in their work.
“I think a lot of our artists want to be able to do what they’re doing, but be comfortable,” Meskers said. “They’re comfortable now because they’re in school and some parents pay for what they do, but once they graduate, if they don’t have fans, they can’t really get on with it. ‘get out. This is what we are here for.
As WAV’s aspirations grew, so did their team. Crea Wilhelmi, second year student of mass communication, creative director of collaborative, coordinates album covers, graphic design of posters and releases, and announcements for artists managed by the collective.
“I hope that WAV artists start to gain more recognition than they already have and that we can start planning bigger events to get our business noticed,” Wilhelmi said.
Rapper and music industry sophomore Quincy Bess II, also known as Q, is among the artists managed by the collaboration and has said that WAV is one of the best places to go for artists when ‘they start.
“WAV can help them propel themselves to get to where they want to be,” Bess said.
Bess met the managers of WAV Trainor and Meskers during his first year and immediately joined the group, he said.
“It might sound like a cliché, but I really feel like there is a feeling of family,” Bess said. “Everyone is motivated and has the same goals and aspirations, but they will push you too. “
Alongside Q is rapper Matthew Eghdami, also known as Dami. Growing up in New York City, the second said he wanted to pursue music from a young age, and joining the collaboration brought him closer to where he wants to be.
“Knowing that I have these people who believe in me and will help me get things done has motivated me and really helped me to surpass myself,” Eghdami said.



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