Who is the richest member of Motley Crue? Tommy Lee, Nikki Sixx, Vince Neil, Mick Mars Net worth in 2021



Who is the richest Motley crue member? Drummer Tommy lee, the bass-player Nikki sixx, the singer Vince Neil, or the guitarist Mick mars.

Motley crue is a heavy metal band formed in Los Angeles in 1981 by the current members. Although the group announced their retirement in 2015 after spending 34 years in the community, Motley crue announced in 2018 that they had recorded new material for a band-linked biographical comedy-drama film The Dirt.

Throughout his career, Motley crue released 9 studio albums, 3 live albums, 8 compilation albums, 9 video albums, 32 clips, 3 EPs, 30 singles, 2 box sets.

The albums the group released throughout their career from 1981 to 2021 have sold over 100 million copies worldwide. As reported in 2020, Motley Crue net worth exceeds $ 235 million.

The members of the group live their lives very well. Also, as some of you know, these four, Tommy lee, Nikki sixx, Vince Neil, and Mick mars, are among the richest metal musicians.

They have expensive houses, cars and all that. They are always in front of their fans’ radars.

So if you ask who is the richest Motley Crue Member, Let’s see Tommy lee, Nikki sixx, Vince Neil, and Mick marsnet worth in 2021.

Who is the richest member of Motley Crue?

Tommy lee

(photo: Jim Dyson)

Net worth: $ 75 million

Tommy lee is an American musician, founding member and drummer of the heavy metal band Motley crue.

He was born in Athens, Greece, on October 3, 1962. The musician received his first drumsticks at the age of four, according to him. Dropped out of high school to pursue a musical career, Tommy lee got his first real drum kit when he was a teenager.

Throughout his career with his group Motley crue, Tommy lee released eight studio albums. In addition to his mandate with his group, Lee released three solo studio albums as a solo musician.

What is the net worth of Tommy lee? Tommy Lee is the richest member of Motley Crue. In 2021, the net worth of Tommy Lee is $ 75 million.

Nikki sixx

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Net worth: $ 50 million

Nikki sixx is an American musician, radio host, photographer, author and fashion designer. He is best known for his musical tenure with his co-founding group Motley crue.

Throughout his musical tenure with his group Motley crue, Nikki sixx has appeared on entire group albums and released nine studio albums. Releasing its debut in 1981, titled Too fast for love, Sixx and Flood released their ninth and final album in 2008, titled Los Angeles Saints.

Besides his Crue career, Nikki sixx has a huge solo career and side project, Sixx: AM. He released five studio albums with his side project. Also, the three-time successful author Nikki sixx will be releasing a new book on October 19, titled The first 21: How I became Nikki Sixx.

What is the net worth of Nikki sixx? In 2021, the net worth of Nikki sixx is $ 50 million.

Vince Neil

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Net worth: $ 50 million

Vince Neil is an American musician who is the lead singer of the heavy metal band Motley crue.

Vince Neil was born in Hollywood, California on February 8, 1961. In addition to falling in love with music, Vince Neil was also interested in basketball, football, wrestling, surfing, and horses.

Registered Motley crue in 1981, Vince Neil was discovered when he was a member of his group Rock candy. Even if Vince Neil split up and reunited with the group on several occasions, he appeared on eight of nine studio albums by Motley crue.

Besides his Flood mandate, Vince Neil has a successful solo career. He released three solo studio albums. Unleash his debut in 1993, titled Exposed, Daniel released their third and most recent album in 2010, titled Tattoos & Tequila.

What is the net worth of Vince Neil? In 2021, the net worth of Vince Neil is $ 50 million.

Mick mars

(photo: Matthieu Becker)

Net worth: $ 70 million

The lead guitarist and co-founder of the heavy metal band Motley crue, Mick mars, is an American musician. The musician is known for his aggressive and melodic solos in his group Motley crue.

Mick mars was born in Indiana on May 4, 1951. The musician moved to California at the age of 9. He dropped out of high school to play guitar for the rest of his life.

The musician played guitar in a series of unsuccessful blues-based rock groups throughout the 1970s. After spending a decade in the community, Mick mars published an ad in the Los Angeles newspaper, describing himself as a loud, rude and aggressive guitarist. Later then, Nikki sixx and Tommy lee contacted him and hired him. Mick mars has been the guitarist of the band since then.

So what is the net worth of Mick mars? In 2021, the net worth of Mick mars is $ 70 million. He is the second richest member of Motley crue.



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