World Music Day | Arjun Kanungo: From a business point of view, musicians are not treated as fairly as they should be



Singer-actor Arjun Kanungo believes that while much has changed for independent artists in the music business, fairness and full transparency are still lacking.

“I want to see more equity for artists. From a business point of view, we are not treated as fairly as we should be, ”he laments, while talking about the change he wants to see soon in the industry.

“I don’t think the royalties are fair yet. They are still on the way. Soon it will become fair and things will become more transparent. But I would like things to become totally transparent, ”says Kanungo, known for songs such as Aaya Na Tu, Baaki Baatein Peene Baad and Waada Hai.

However, that doesn’t discredit all the positive tunes the industry notes and implements.

“Over the years the music industry has changed a lot with independent artists bringing more music and entering the mainstream. Now we see non-cinematic music competing with Bollywood on an equal footing, ”shares the 30-year-old, adding how it creates“ more opportunities to release music and not depend on Bollywood ”.

It was during the pandemic that independent music wrote a rather successful new sound, without much happening on the film music scene. But will popularity continue once the pace of Bollywood releases and music returns to normal?

“The pandemic has opened up the market for non-cinematic songs with a larger audience. I don’t think the audience will go just because they are now interested in the life, profession of an artist and want to see them grow. I don’t see it diminishing at all, ”shares Kanungo, who made his Bollywood debut with Salman Khan’s Radhe: your most wanted Bhai this year.

Instead, it will only grow from now on, he claims. “We love Bollywood, but I don’t think this is the music trend that will last forever. There is a globalization of every industry. And the music takes the trend of the world. And they will coexist, ”adds the singer, who has planned various special fan engagements to celebrate World Music Day.

“Music is playing such an important role in our mental health right now. The value of music has never been greater, and artists are the ones who keep people entertained when they’re at home, ”he explains.

Now he’s slowly considering going out to work. “Hopefully we’ll start shooting a single in the first week of July, and that will be mostly in Mumbai and the surrounding area. We haven’t decided because it depends on what is available at the time, ”concludes Kanungo.



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